Food for thought via @Peta_de_Aztlan

Sometimes what we do to combat the evils of this world seems futile. Use your creative imagination.
Remember! Whatever I post and share online is not necessarily a personal endorsement. Just stuff to consider. Food for thought. I wage Spiritual Warfare on a daily basis as a conscious compassionate being. I am here to help clarify confusion and encourage. There is a lot of useless information, disinformation and false information online and in the world in general. You must think for yourself!

Where do your thoughts come from? From whence your beliefs? Are your thoughts certain? Are your beliefs strong? Do you go with the herd? Do you just agree with others to get along with them? Are you afraid of standing out from the herd? Does the herd know where it is going? Take a good look at the herd. Take the time to actually see and observe the people around you in your personal life. Are they happy?

Is it ‘wrong’ for people NOT to be happy? How many people pretend to be happy to please others? How many are not being authentic? Are you doing what you are suppose to be doing? Are you only doing what you have to do? Are you a ‘doing’ or are you a ‘being’? Do you feel there is something wrong with you if you are not looking busy ‘doing’ something? Play with your cell phone. Look at your watch. Do you wake up in the morning thinking about what you have to be busy doing? What motivates you to even get up in the morning? What motivates you to get up in the morning? Coffee? Sex? Love? Work? Escape? One form of hunting or gathering or another?

Are you even motivated to live your life on a daily basis? Or are you stuck being a slave doing what you have to do to survive? Is mere survival in this nightmare on earth enough to make you happy? Do you have the right to life, liberty and happiness?

We work in whatever form we can to survive and meet our survival needs. We spend most of our short lives at the workplace. There are many forms of work in society, such as, material production, creative pursuits or other practical activities. Ideally we should find joy in our work and a feeling of being worthwhile in the world. Life today for many is not ideal. When we see a friend on the street do we ask how they are doing or how they have been? We are beings in life, not doings. While we are alive in our being, we would do well to take the time to think about who we are and how we want to live our lives. One who is wise will choose a right livelihood in harmony with one’s genuine nature, general interests and natural talents.

The Buddha’s ‘Noble Eightfold Path’:

1.  Right Understanding or Perfect Vision
2.  Right Resolve or Perfect Emotion
3.  Right Speech or Perfect Speech
4.  Right Action or Perfect Action
5.  Right Livelihood or Perfect Livelihood
6.  Right Effort or Perfect Effort
7.  Right Mindfulness or Perfect Awareness
8. ​ Right Meditation or Perfect Samadhi

We have natural rights as human beings, including our right to exercise our free will without causing harm or injury to anyone. We must question the validity of ‘free will’ in our lives. Where does our Free Will come from? From spirit? From conscious choice? We each can decide for ourselves how we will exercise our Free Will guided by the gift of grace and pure love of life, We must evolve from being human animals into being loving humane beings with genuine compassion for all sentient beings.

When we look out at the world as humane beings we easily see we are one family of humanity and now an endangered species. In a way we are in a race against time in our efforts to avoid an early extinction as a species of life upon Mother Earth. We must overcome the demons of our own character defects, take direct responsibility for our own lives or perish as fallen angels. We do not have time to reform a collapsing civilization that is rotten to the core with band-aids and empty promises. We cannot count on rigged elections like re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic or online petitions ignored by Evil Ones in power. We must overcome our many artificial divisions. settle our petty differences and submerge our inflated egos to unify as one. It is not a question of violence or non-violence. We do not need to assure Evil of our peaceful intentions. They know we are coming.

We do not have another 2,000+ years to wait for a Savior or to convince everyone about what needs to be done to save Earth. U.S, citizens now are a dumbed-down pacified population living in a fantasy land thinking they live in an actual democracy. Many activists who are blessed to be online are in an alternate reality compared to those offline in terms of consciousness. Even a global revolution and the collapse of industrial civilization would not automatically save us because of climate chaos. The rogue U.S. government will continue with its costly foreign wars, , Weapons of Mass Distraction  and TV. Amerikan Corporate Fascism will continue to embed and entrench itself further into the Amerikan infrastructure as it pleases. Amerikan Fascism will continue to fan the flames of mass fear about foreign enemies as corporate masters suck our lifeblood.

So what is to be done? For starters we can get off our knees.
~ Do a General and Personal Inventory.
~ Determine a General Strategy
~ Determine what are our applicable tactics?
~ Focus on Global Revolution
~ Come together with natural allies
~ Think global, work local
~ Lead, follow or get out of the way
~ Build up a matrix of resources
~ Comprehend connected reality
~ Wage Spiritual Warfare!


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