▶ Another day being in the nightmare of #Nazi Amerika!

▶ Another day being in the nightmare of #Nazi Amerika!
I slept pretty well. Feel pretty good. Another day being in the nightmare of #Nazi Amerika. It is nice just to wake up sober with no hangover.

My Twitter handle is @Peta_de_Aztlan. After 145K Tweets I now have 2,707 Twitter Followers who I think of as #Connects. It goes up and down as a general indicator of interest from others. I am not fixated with gaining or losing Followers, though I do appreciate my so-called Followers. The idea of a Follower on Twitter is subservient. We need more leaders. Every Follower is a potential leader. We are equals in cyberspace with equal rights. I find Twitter to be a great forum for expressing ourselves. I use Twitter and other Internet websites, type articles and make Videos to express myself, to share my understanding of the truth and in my own small way help raise #Mass #Consciousness. Let go and go with the flow.
I will be 63-Earth years this November 15th. I was born in Sacramento, California one stormy night in 1951 to two beautiful parents. I had a happy safe content childhood without any major traumas. It helped to prepare me for the dramas and traumas that would befall me later on in life. The process of life changes us and shit happens!
I type out my thoughts as a form of self-therapy in order to better know myself and try to tap into the deep depths of the subconscious without fear. I usually post and share stuff with conscious mindfulness. My intention is to influence mass consciousness in the world today. My main agenda is a basic humane rights agenda. I have the drive and my heart is in the path I travel.
▶ We must Liberate Mass Consciousness
  ~Pub October 25, 2014
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In terms of ethnic identity I am a Chicano de Aztlán. However, I am first and foremost a conscious humane being who loves the family of humanity. I am not fixated on surface labels, such as tribe, nationality or sexual orientation. I am a U.S. citizen who strives to be Honest, Open and Willing in my relations and communications with others. I have no skeletons in my closet. Besides, in this little room I live in at the Shasta Hotel in downtown Sacramento, my bunker, I do not even have a closet!

I live my life as free and liberated as I can with no fear of self-exposure or paranoia about privacy whether I am online or offline. I myself do not want to live out my life in constant fear or with a looming sense of dread. Fascism uses fear as a great controller over people. Naturally, the great fear is the fear of an inevitable death. While we are alive and before we die we should meditate on how we want to live our lives.
Since that terrible Tuesday morning of September 11, 2001 aka 911 the American people have been living with a form of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Knowing what I know about life inside the United States and the present military-police state I have become an advocate of Global Revolution and Radical Resistance to the Evil Ones in these lands! Global Revolution would be a radical and natural great leap forward in our global evolution.

Largely due to the impact of Internet communications we have become one global society, if not one global community. Much of our lives are impacted by digital numbers. Of course the exchanges of economic transactions on a global level integrates, interconnects and intertwines us in the global economy. In connected reality, there can be no free independent nations under Empire. We are a scattered spaced-out collection of diverse divided communities, often now killing each other over religions, disparate belief systems and assorted -isms.

We need to stop killing each other over limited natural resources, especially oil. What energy technology are the Empire Masters keeping from the masses? How do we facilitate mass transportation? Multi-dimensional portals? Is there Free Energy? What is Zero Point Energy? Who remembers Tesla? I have more questions than answers.

We need to work together in a loving humane spirit of mutual cooperation, not constant cut-throat competition and mutual suspicion. Are we by nature loving humane beings or predatory born killers? How well do you know your true authentic nature? Are we not products of our environment, of historical circumstances and cultural surroundings? Can we sculpture our souls? Can we train our brains?

Democracy means majority rule. However, democracy for the majority could be tyranny for the minority. Government means mind control. Study etymology. Any perception of true democracy in the United States is an illusion. We need at least a  participatory democracy with citizens who are also activists, not only voters in a false representative democracy. With the Electoral College in American electoral politics we do not even have direct popular elections!
I have faith in the committed lone individual with vision to help bring about creative and constructive change in the world. I am against and reject selfish isolated individualism, yet have not been captured up in the cloud of crazed collectivism. There is self-interest, selfish interest, mutual interest and collective interest.

Social movements and political organs have failed to alleviate our general situation, though throughout history they have been great stimulators of mass consciousness. Two great prophets of non-violence, Gandhi and King suffered violent deaths. We cannot afford to be passive pacifists in a world locked in war. We still exist under a real Evil Empire that must be confronted and crushed before we all destroyed.

Each of us can make a positive difference in this war of life upon Earth. Sometimes we can have more of an influence on events on our own that behind an official organization. We do not need permission from anyone to create creative constructive change. We each need to emerge, evolve, educate and empower ourselves on the individual level without escaping into the lost herd of any popular movement. I am not hiding. I am not anonymous.
The fascist pigs with their global surveillance capacity and advanced technology know exactly where I am. I cannot afford to be frozen in fear. Since I’ve been conscious I have been in rebellion against the evil Establishment. I was arrested at 17 years old for inciting a riot and disturbing the peace during a disturbance at Sacramento Senior High School in relation to a Chicano student walkout. Back then we had the Indeterminate Sentence law in California. I was facing 5 years to life! After a brief trial, my case ended up a hung jury. I had a good ACLU lawyer named Lawrence Karlton (he is now a Senior U.S. Federal judge).
Engraved in my memory is the Pledge of Allegiance with its ending about “liberty and justice for all.” Growing up, I recited that Pledge in school with my right hand on my heart countless times with solemn seriousness. I still fight for liberty and justice with all the limited available resources at my command without fear.

I’m not giving up without a fight. I do not want any grandchildren to think grandpa was a coward. We all need to find the courage deep inside to fight back and combat evil wherever and whenever it arises without fear. Fear is a real handicap that we can overcome. I am being and doing what I am suppose to be and do as guided by my own conscience, not wasting time watching grown men fight over a ball in a football game!

We are equals as human beings with equal rights. The Internet is a kind of equalizer that global citizens can use to exercise their natural freedom of expression. We have basic humane rights ~ friend and foe alike ~ bestowed upon us by virtue of our membership in the family of humanity. Our humane rights are like muscles. We need to be free to exercise our humane rights or risk losing them under the tyranny of what has become an authoritarian fascist state.
Let us pray that pure love is our true inspiration, not floating anger or blind hatred. Love should be treasured, cultivated and allowed to blossom. We must first love ourselves, admit our errors, forgive ourselves and strive to love one another. We do not have to always be right, take everything personal, beg for attention or convince anyone. Share with no strings attached. Our methods of cultural struggle must be just and legitimate. The means for obtaining liberty and justice must justify and be in harmony with our proclaimed ends.

Whatever comes down we must stick to our guns, our core fundamental principles and not compromise our humane ethics. Whatever happens we must hold onto our own dignity, our own integrity, our own common sense wisdom, our basic humanity.
The yearning to be free to live in liberty is as natural as a flower reaching up to the sky for sunlight. T
he people’s spiritual longing for true #liberty and justice is far greater than the technology of the U.S. Fascist War Machine!

Let us come together in solidarity and fight for the creation of a brave new world for ourselves, for our descendants and for future generations to come. The divided scattered people of Earth are now in great grave danger from different sources and due to various causes, including our own internal core character defects and climate chaos in the external ecology. There are karmic consequences for our collective actions and also for our own inactions.

As one family of humanity we must keep in mind and remember in our hearts that we are all in this together.
“And you will know the truth, and that very truth will make you free.” ~ John 8:32 
Posted by +Peter S. López aka @Peta_de_Aztlan
Email: peta.aztlan@gmail.com
Sacramento, California, Aztlán

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