▶ Be good at learning…. via @Peta_de_Aztlan

▶ Be good at learning…. via @Peta_de_Aztlan:

We need to understand Amerikan apathy as a result of our collective oppression, not merely make fun of people. An educator leads forth! We are born unto Earth innocent and ignorant. As we mature we acquire a set of ethics, morals or principles if we learn well. Basic education is still key for our survival, progress and development. We need basic #literacy ~ knowing how to read and write. Educators who also function in the world as social activists need to grasp the fundamentals of cognition. Think recognition.

So there is much for us to learn Even the most brilliant educator needs further educating. Humility is essential here for us. If we think we know it all we can learn nothing. Genuine knowledge originates from life experience: either direct or indirect experience. So we must search and research matters for ourselves, investigate issues and come to our own certified conclusions.

Be good at learning and loving in educating others. Take the time to explain what matters to others. Do not assume. Sometimes others know what we do not know. We can learn from a wise teacher who imparts knowledge to us through lectures or we can learn from the street urchin, even if by negative example. The key is to keep learning, absorbing and experiencing life. Common sense wisdom is not always common.

Question authority. When we are young children our first authority figures are our parents or primary care givers. We learn to crawl before we can walk, then we learn to walk before we can walk. Learning can be a lifelong process. It is natural for the mind to want to learn more. The eyes are not satisfied and yearn to see more. We can practice stillness in meditation and silent prayer. Many times lessons must be learned over and over until they become part of the storehouse of our knowledge.

As for me, I barely graduated from high school in ’69 and am a college dropout. I was spared the certainties of experts under pressure.. Many experts spout invented stuff and bullshit their way through life. Selling their babbles as books. Look at what one does, not just says. As a retired single wage slave of 63 Earth years I have no need to impress or be accepted. I just try to be true to my own truth. Nada mas!

via Chicano_Alien @Peta_de_Aztlan
Update: 4/26/2015


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