▶ Shoot Your Best Shot! via Chicano_Alien @Peta_de_Aztlan

▶ Shoot Your Best Shot! via Chicano_Alien @Peta_de_Aztlan:
We should comprehend reality in general as connected reality. There is no detached separate reality ‘out there’ that actually exists. Use common sense wisdom. Our various individual interpretations of realities are connected and interconnected at one level or another, in one way or another.

I sit in this room in this hotel, in this city, in this country, in this world, in this solar system, in this galaxy, in this universe. Wherever you are alive in existence, you and I are connected. Nowadays we can have Internet access via one gadget or another and that has created countless other connections in connected reality. Global Internet technology has leveled the playing field for our communications.

Now we need to overcome our foolish fears and have the inner courage to communicate with each other in order to help create more and more understanding between us, close gaps, build bridges, jump over borders and fully understand that we are ultimately one big family of humanity, despite any isolated ideology or peculiar philosophy.

Perhaps this is obvious, yet fundamental for our common understanding as people of Earth. We have common survival needs: food, clothing, shelter and basic education.  Over the centuries we have created civilizations, established governments and built political economic power systems to help meet our mass needs and sustain ourselves. When they no longer serve our needs or operate against our needs they must be replaced or overthrown.

Why do -99% of the ‘haves’ have control over the 99+% of the ‘have-nots’? The masses of the people do not have faith in themselves. Thus, we must engage in mass education? How many people are illiterate and cannot even read or write?
Following 100+ News Sources on Twitter I am aware that we are in bad sad shape here on Earth ~ with invisible realms that can affect us from other dimensions. There is more going on than meets the naked eyeball.

Do not lose faith in the basic goodness and native intelligence of people. We are born unto Earth innocent and ignorant to learn and evolve. Some people learn better than others at different rates of understanding and fathom different aspects of life in different ways. Just like our computers in various locations there are variations in our connectivity. Some are better connected than others. Be open to new insights, new knowledge and be unafraid of going through new novel experiences that expand and elevate human consciousness. We need to communicate without being perverted by paranoia. Do not censor yourself!

No one has all the answers. When you have the courage to open up you can find that many revelations are stored in the deep subconscious. Nothing can take the place of your own personal direct experience ~ what you yourself have witnessed should not be discounted. Our communal collective knowledge constitutes the marvelous genius of humankind that can help save Mother Earth from the command and control of the Evil Ones.

I find that many of us grossly underestimate ourselves ~ our capacity to fathom, learn and evolve as glorious humane beings. In fact, we need to evolve from being mere human animals into being conscious humane beings guided by loving compassion. Be the leader of your own life. Follow no path in life if your heart is not into it. Think for yourself. Be your own movement. Let go and go with the flow!

Be your own best friend, not the better half of someone else. Are your personal relationships bringing you joy, happiness and satisfaction? Our having equal rights does not make us all equal in every sense of the word equality. We are separated from the womb at birth. You actually own your own life. Let no one else control you in any way, shape or form. It is natural to be free as a sovereign being. You are responsible for your own life situation. The people alone are the motive force in world history. They allow these cruel tyrants to rule the world. You need to live as free as you can!

In general, our lives are the result of our own decisions. Life is often what we make it and how we take it. It is ultimately an individual choice. Your personal choice. You have the right to make revolution and help make a difference in the world or the right to die a meaningless slave unknown and forgotten.

Do a personal inventory of your assets and liabilities. What are your natural talents and learned abilities? What can you contribute to making it as better world here now? Examine yourself, sharpen your tools, gather your weapons. Shoot your best shot!

Nada mas! Venceremos! We Will Win!
▶ Connect @Peta_de_Aztlan aka +Peter S. López
▶ Dr Gabor Maté – Why Capitalism Makes Us Sick:
https://youtu.be/AaAJQR_9Dg8   ~Pub Sep 28, 2014 via theonanacatl11  


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