▶ Being Humane in a Inhumane World via @Peta_de_Aztlan

▶ Being Humane in a Inhumane World via @Peta_de_Aztlan: https://humanelibertyparty.wordpress.com/2015/05/25/being-humane-in-a-inhumane-world-via-peta_de_aztlan/
Update: May 26, 2015


I am a humane being in an inhumane world. In relation to my self-identity I consider myself first and foremost a humane being, humane spelled with an ‘e’. I am not only a human being but a humane being. There is a small but significant distinction between being a two-legged carnivorous human animal and being a conscious compassionate humane being.

I define a humane being as a sentient conscious being who strives to have care, concern and compassion for all humans, other living creatures and living beings in general. This state-of-being is not always automatic in an inhumane world. It must be reinforced with conscious effort by the humane mind.

The difference between a human being and a humane being may be a minor insignificant matter for some. For me, it is a paradigm shift. It makes all the difference in the world. It influences who I am in the cosmos, my global overview and how I relate to people in the external world around me.

In my life, I have seen people treat each others in cold, cruel and inhumane ways. Sometimes being neglected and ignored by those we think care about us can be cruel. When we are conscious of the natural need for being humane in our lives we can usually make one kind of positive difference or another in the world. We need to be active compassionate humane beings, not apathetic passive spectators. We are all in this thing of ours together. We hang together or we hang separately.

I have seen how a little power in the hands of a little mind can be a very dangerous thing, especially when there is no one there to stop them from being cruel and doing wrong. Some people will not listen to reason or logic, insist on having their own way and need to be put in check.

I see the larger injustice in the world carried out by the Amerikan Empire going on unchecked. I have come to understand the built-in systemic evil doings of unjust governments and corrupt corporations all over the world who rape, plunder and pillage innocent people without any guilt or remorse about their evil practices. For them, there are no borders they cannot cross, no rights that cannot be violated. Our failure to combat what is clearly evil condones the practices of evil. We falsely believe we are powerless because we lack faith in ourselves and our capacity to create fundamental change in the world.

Many suffering people in the world get use to official graft, bribery and corruption without complaint as if it is the natural order of things. Many are conditioned to witnessing systemic slavery and slave-like conditions and turn a blind eye to the evils of injustice, unless it personally affects them. Many are passive victims of the cruel evil repressors instead of being bold armed protectors of the people. We suffer because of our lack of power, lack of leadership, lack of courage and lack of coordinated unity on a global level.

As humane beings we want to keep in mind that we are ultimately one race of people, not separate races. We are the dominant species and primary caregivers of Mother Earth.

Unfortunately, we are not all humane in terms of having and showing care, concern and compassion for all living beings, for all species of life, for the flora and the fauna. Life is sacred and begins with an innate divinity we are born with as creatures. However, despite any utopian dreams, real life has its evil demons and dark devils who cause, perpetuate and promote divisions and hostile contradictions among the people.

Historically, racism has been used by an oppressor class to divide and rule over others not of their stock because of greed for land power, competition for limited resources and to ensure an unbalanced power over others. We need to define what is a race and what does racism mean for us?

Race in Amerika is not all black-and-white. For example, I am a Chicano de Aztlan. My bloodline goes back to the Apache and Yaqui indigenous native tribes. My distant ancestors were thriving here before there ever was a land called America.

Here in the U.S.A. different forms of social racism have caused great divisions between us and is still prevalent among many. I use the term ‘social racism’ because the concept of racism in terms of the existence of separate races of people is actually a social invention made up for economic expedience to rationalize racist repression. Repeat: there are no separate races of Black, Brown, White and Yellow people. We are not basic colors. We are diverse people with sacred humane rights. There are also cultural and historical factors we need to keep in mind in our general analyses to give us a better and wider understanding of racial matters.
11/22/2002 The roots of racism ~By Alex Taylor @socialistworker
The Historical Origins and Development of Racism ~by George M. Fredrickson 2003 @PBS  http://www.pbs.org/race/000_About/002_04-background-02-01.htm
Social racism is built into the present-day U.S. society via various forms of institutionalized racism, it is embedded in our public institutions, in our schools, in our text books and into the whole culture of life in Amerika. For many racism is as natural as breathing air. These days racism and prejudice is often disguised and kept hidden behind walls and closed doors. We must be able to distinguish between root causes and social effects. We cannot simply condemn the racist. We must condemn evil racist systems of government.

It is the unjust system that perpetuates racism that must be transformed for us to ever be rid of the evil influences of racism as a psycho-social disease. In the process of waging what is primarily a class struggle to bring about social transformation we ourselves must also be transformed. What are our values, our ethics and our spiritual principles in life?

We cannot just think our way out of racism in a subjective sphere as a mere purging exercise of the intellect. We must dig down into the roots of matters with a radical approach to solving global problems. In the end, we must strive for global integration without racial segregation that pits us against each other.

Racism involves the idea of someone thinking he is superior over another person of another ‘race’ or ethnic group who is thought of as inferior~ based upon perceived racial origin. It is the false notion that one’s own race is superior to that of another person thought to be of an inferior race. The sick racist thinks, “I am naturally better than him or her.”

In history, the idea of racial superiority has been used as an economic leverage for the conquest and enslavement of another people for centuries. Racism is not natural, it is conditioned a given social cultural environment. For the racist to kill an inferior being is not quite the same as killing an actual human of equal status or worth. The racist rationalizes his racism and suffers from low or no personal self-esteem. Putting down someone else because of their race gives the racist a false sense of superiority. Witness the Spanish Conquest, Black Slavery and the continued social racism in Amerika!

Ultimately, we need to promote racial cultural integration in all spheres of social life on a global level without getting boxed into the whole arena of racial cultural dynamics in Amerika.

I spell Amerika here with a ‘k’ so we do not get selective amnesia about the historic role of social racism in Amerika. Remember the KKK! There is a huge library of books and materials on the dynamics and mechanics of race relations in the U.S.A., yet Amerika remains a society riddled with racism to the slightest variation in skin tone, the greater or lesser degree of melanin.

Just remember. We are ultimately one race of people, one endangered species, upon one planet I refer to as Mother Earth.
Growing up I was told by my parents that I was of Mexican origin. They were both born in the United States and their parents were born in Mexico. When I got into my teens I related to the idea of being a Mexican-American. Later on came the rise of the early Chicano Movement. I then identified myself as a Chicano de Aztlan ~ like the hyphen in Mexican-American. Neither fully Mexican and Spanish-speaking, yet not fully accepted as American by White Amerika. White people do not go through these self-identify changes. Many Whites and Latinos think of themselves in relation to their national origin without giving it a second thought. For Chicanos it is more complex.

There is no real Chicano Nation. A nation must have territorial sovereignty. I understand the sense of lost and motivation behind Chicano cultural nationalism, the longing for a fantasized Aztec nation, but any claim to nationhood today is false self-delusion. In fact, there are no independent nations under Empire. A true nation must have complete sovereignty and territorial integrity free of any foreign occupation. Even the United States itself is not an independent democratic nation. Those living within its boundaries are in an internal colony of the Evil Empire.

When I look at the Big Picture on a global level I understand that I am a humane  being who has evolved to the higher level of consciousness as a humane being. I may not always be humane in all my ways in every situation. It takes a conscious effort to be humane in a inhumane society. It is not automatic when one is surrounded by the psycho-disease of rabid racism. Our being humans, whether we are actually humane or not, is a common denominator. I try to look at what unites us as people, not what separates from others based upon superficial outer differences.

As human beings we share common survival needs: food, clothing, shelter, medical care and quality education. This is irrespective of our personal self-identity. We are human homo-sapiens of one human family, not stuck in strictly racial, ethnic or tribal self-identities. Never before in human history has there been a more urgent need for unity among the family of humanity than now. We exist on the edge of extinction with the character defects of selfish greed, foolish fear, petty jealousy, ruthless competition and other forms of what can be considered as negativism.

We must recognize the dark shadows of our character defects if we are ever to become wholesome healthy humane  beings. We must show proof of life by educating ourselves, helping others in our community and fighting for global liberation by any and all means necessary. We must be brave and dive into the deep-sea of our subconscious to bring up pearls of wisdom we can use in the world in order to save ourselves from our own shadows.

Venceremos! We will win!
Peter S. López aka @Peta_de_Aztlan
Sacramento, California, Aztlán

Guy McPherson @Guy_McPherson  #Earth   #Extinction  2030:
http://youtu.be/UQuv8fETfME  ~Pub Nov 15, 2013
Michael Ruppert @CollapseNet:
Three Guarantors of Near-Term Human Extinction:
http://youtu.be/-YsNC4ClRlY  ~Pub Jan 2, 2014

List of wars by death toll – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_wars_by_death_toll
 Carl Jung: “The world hangs on a thin thread….”:
http://youtu.be/ppFlVouq-Mc    ~Pub Dec 11, 2012

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