I AM still here in Nazi Amerika via @Peta_de_Aztlan

I AM still here in Nazi Amerika via :

Friday, May 29, 2015 @11:54 AM ~ Another Friday is here. Despite any level of present consciousness I am still here in Nazi Amerika ~ the land of apathy.

#Follow #Friday Those from whom you can learn ~ Those who lift your spirits ~ Those who stand strong for #humane rights!

My Main #Twitter account is @Peta_de_Aztlan: I AM a Chicano_Alien in Nazi Amerika. Born in the U.S.A. As a Warrior I Follow a path with Heart. @Peta_de_Aztlan I Follow & Post from Global news sources onto Twitter. Google+, Facebook, Yahoo Groups, Blogs & elsewhere Online. I truly appreciate my Followers on Twitter who I think of as #Connects. My backup Twitter account is @Humane_Being

The whole concept of Followers online is demeaning, thus I prefer the term #Connects. Each of us should be a #Leader in our lives. After 167K TWEETS I am not obsessed with gaining of losing FOLLOWERS. I just express myself, let go and go with the flow.

As a conscious humane being working on my Spiritual Health I just strive to be Honest, Open and Willing to change and evolve. That is HOW my Program Works. As a retired wage slave on SSI I AM blessed to be in a situation where my time, attention and energy is my own  Single. No Strings Attached. I have no paranoid fear of self-exposure. My life is an open blog.

As a recovered dope fiend and former homeless refugee in Nazi Amerika I strive to live up to my own expectations, not those of others. I own my life and think for myself, no matter what others think. Over the years I have naturally become a Radical who refuses to compromise my basic beliefs and principles ~ to go with the lost scattered herd. I seek daily progress, not the delusion of perfection.

I pray that sharing news, information and insights helps to raise and expand our mass consciousness. Sharing is caring. I still believe in love and the potential of love to transform the world. After over 40 years of being interested in politics and social issues I have acquired a unique #philosophy on life.

I AM my own man. My primary self-identity is as a #Humane Being ~ not restricted by a colored race, ethnic group or nationality. #AllLivesMatter

With all our collective character defects and shortcomings, chances are we will become extinct as an already endangered species. We still have the potential to save ourselves from early extinction with a paradigm shift in activated mass consciousness. Potential is not manifest.

“The world hangs on a thin thread and that is the psyche of man… ”
~ Carl G. Jung

▶ Carl Jung: “The world hangs on a thin thread….”:
http://youtu.be/ppFlVouq-Mc  ~Pub Dec 11, 2012 via dreamlion

We need to make the best with the life we have left ~ the cards we have been dealt. See the pattern, no one gets out of here alive! As much as I honor women, I know life is about more than how many notches I have on my gun ~ how many more women I can love and get in bed. I just need one.

This whole society has been ruined and perverted by male patriarchy. We know of HIStory, but what ever happened to HERstory? Why do we still think in terms of mankind, not humankind? Women have been set up by men to be the ‘fall gal’. Why blame Eve?

Power is the dual capacity to define connected reality then change and transform it in a projected manner. Not manipulation.
Saturday, May 30, 2015 @4:00 PM

Sometimes I feel like I AM just wasting my time & energy on social media online, but I am not giving up without a fight.  I keep in mind that our struggle for Liberty is ultimately #spiritual in nature. I want to be motivated by love, NOT anger. I have spent too many years hate-motivated against the fascist pigs. Hate is like an acid that hurts the hater. #Love heals. I want to be motivated by love, NOT anger. Love is a light burden that requires personal action to manifest.We need to show & express love. Global Revolution is love motivated ~ not phony pulp love, but pure love from the heart center. Love that endures & sustains.

We should be, but we must also do, take action ~ integrate being with doing ~ integrate theory with practice. We remain an endangered species with a knack for mutual destruction. The Left Wing is broken. The people are divided and fearful. We mistrust and view with suspicion total strangers based upon surface skin color, accent, cultural differences or personal orientation. We hold fast to myths and fantasies about American democracy and the American dream that is now the Amerikan Nightmare.

We tolerate corruption in Congress, drone Kill Lists by @POTUS & Endless War ~ then wonder why our youth can misbehave! We allow hungry homeless families to wander our streets ~yet do nor declare them @Refugees of a broke system spending billions. We accept insanity by elected officials who are whores for corporate lobbyists as the natural order of things ~ business as usual. We believe mass lies and deceptions by @POTUS & cage #Whistleblowers who dare to reveal & speak the truth, as if the truth is treason.

When adult parents ignore the evils of government officials they lose respect in the eyes of youth. All in the home suffer. The youths are our #future. Despite an air of independence, they still count on adult parents for guidance and sound advice. With our general apathy we are letting down not only our generation but the future generation of our children and youth.

Politics, war and spiritual matters are connected in connected reality. As responsible adults we are involved. Stay awake, help awaken others, overcome fear and get involved on a personal level. Find your inner courage. Seize the time!

Venceremos Unidos! We Will Win United!
Sacramento, Califas

Former CIA / NSA Director Michael Hayden: “We Kill People Based on Metadata”  

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