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Be Brace

It is imperative that with brave courage we encourage each other in what ways we can and be wise enough to change the things we can.We have equal rights as humane beings, though our social interests, levels of energy and personal sacrifice can vary. We do our best with what we have. Personal courage is imperative. Cowards do not win decisive struggles.

We are living in times of turmoil cause by tyranny. Since 911 many suffer from degrees of paranoid schizophrenia. Fear of terrorism is fostered by the cruel U.S. Regime as it terrorizes the world with its military murderous machine. Many question their senses. Attention spans shrink. Various forms of addiction are more common and widespread than ever.

Phony New Age Movements and shallow philosophies can be weapons of mass distraction from monumental challenges before us: the environmental hazards of a planet in peril; warnings of economic collapse around the corner; local police using Nazi Gestapo tactics against unarmed citizens on a routine basis; endless warfare costing trillions being used to create profits for the military industrial machine; corporate controlled mass media keeping us hyped-up and hypnotized; millions glued to the Cyclops of their TV sets. We are victims of fascist mass propaganda, #FalseFlags and old Roman ‘divide and rule’ tactics.

Long term protracted war requires us to live our lives in balance and in harmony with others around us as much as possible. Reality begins with the reality-based recognition that each of us is a unique precious individual with a dose of divinity. We should respect our diversity and variety as advantages. We do not want heartless robots or mindless clones programmed to follow orders and respect authority without question.

We want committed activists who are aware, think for themselves and are able to work together with others on shared plans, common goals and common dreams.

Once the general strategy is understood by the intelligent commander the tactics applicable to his or her specific situation are “a product of the fertile imagination alone.”

We must humbly and honestly learn crucial lessons from the failures of the Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, Black Panthers and others. Paid in Full with blood, sweat and tears. Do not romanticize strategic mistakes and tactical errors. When we screw up we must admit it. Lives are at stake!

We do need vanguard leadership that is open, accessible and aboveground without hiding behind masks. We do need structured political vehicles with an active general membership. We do not need to argue with fools, always be right or get the last word. All opinions are not of equal value.

Much of our intercommunal struggle for Liberty involves being aware of our motives and agendas in search of common ground and mutual consensus in order to combat internal corruption within us ~  the dark shadow enemy in the midst of us. We must not be afraid of legitimate criticism just to play it safe and win favor.

We should practice self-criticism and do a Daily Personal Inventory of our own inner thoughts, daily activities and social practices. The worst injustice we could do to anyone would be to lie to them. Tell them that if they only work hard, play by the rules and obey authority they can succeed under a System designed for them to fail.
The Ugly Truth

The ugly truth is the whole system is rigged and set up against us by the Masters of corporate capitalism  ~ the ‘haves’ of the -1%. The System just sucks up our life energy, exploits our hard labor, keeps us addicted consumers.

If we look with open eyes we can see corporate capitalism impacts on every major part of our lives.  The System keeps us thinking that all that all we need is a better President, a better Party or a better slogan.

The ugly truth is the whole System with all its crap needs to be flushed. Its fundamental power structures and systems are beyond repair, beyond rational reforms without a fundamental transformation of the basis of its power in terms of property relations: Who owns the property? Who owns the land and all the institutions thereon? Who owns the wealth in society? Who owns and controls the whole society?

People of Apathy

It is the people of apathy who allow these Monsters to stay in power. We ourselves as citizens must share and assume the personal responsibility for creating a new world for ourselves and future generations. The Showdown between us and the Fascist Pigs cannot be put off forever. Between here and death there will be a trial by armed combat. If we cannot pull down these Fascist Pigs and at least make an attempt to Save Mother Earth ~ saving anything else will be futile for us to avoid near-term extinction as an endangered species!

Many are aware of what’s going on and the social-economic inequality between the -1% of the ‘haves’ and the 99+% of the ‘have-nots’. Many are frozen in fear, are defeated by a lack of faith in themselves, feelings of dread about the future and a gnawing sense of powerlessness.

The Empowered Individual

It all begins with the empowered individual who is committed to fighting for Liberty and Justice for all. We should not count exclusively on online groups, political organizations or progressive movements. There should be no compromise with Evil. We should not compromise basic principles for political expediency.

Each of us can be an advocate for the truth ~ use common sense wisdom ~ promote global unity based upon humane principles and loving compassion. Live in unity!

We must unify with those with whom we share basic humane principles ~ regardless of wings and parties. Strive for consensus. The divisions of Left-Wing vs. Right Wing and Demos vs. Repubs are Fascist mass psychological operations promoted by profit-driven corporate media to keep us divided and at each others throats when we do now know who are our friends and who are our foes.  Register to Vote! Keep your weapon loaded on safety!

The Destiny of Humanity

Ultimately the destiny of humanity is in the hands of the masses of the people. Only the unified masses of the people can manufacture Global Revolution, not vanguard elements afraid to show their faces alone and isolated. We need faith in ourselves and in our own collective potential to create reality.  We need leaders to help provide vision, guidance and coordinate activities, but ultimately it is up to the enlightened masses to free themselves from fascist repression.

We can help educate to liberate the consciousness of the people on a mass level using the available tools at hand, especially the Internet via various online platforms and social media websites. Every home should have Internet access and we should help promote computer literacy and actually reading books!

The sad truth is the masses will continue to suffer Evil “…while evils are sufferable…” http://www.ushistory.org/declaration/document/ 

The masses of the people are the motive force and energy drive in the making of world history.

We Are Here Now

We are here now in connected reality. We must wake up to the fact that the myth of the American Dream has become an existential nightmare for the majority of us in Nazi Amerika. We can hope for outside help. We are not alone. Many forces in the world are fighting for Liberty in their own specific situation. Ultimately it is up to us to fight back against Amerikan Fascism from wherever we are with the tools at hand.

My personal liberation is ultimately and intimately bound up with yours. Both slave and the slavemaster are freed in the act of freedom. We are in the here and now in the real world. Avoid getting lost in quantum physics and vague obscure pigshit! You are an actuality. Pinch yourself. We have existence in connected reality. We are real.

In our Resistance struggle against Evil forces we must sincerely strive to exhaust peaceful methods of resistance. The idea of non-violence hints at its opposite. Life is war. The silence, ignorance  and indifference of fascist sympathizers makes them accomplices to Evils done by fascist tyranny. Blood on dark souls is their inheritance.

#Fascism has advanced so far, deep and wide in the USA that we would do well with a few % of popular support from the gullible general population lost in cold apathy. We must rely on the global masses, not sleepy Amerikans.

“Settle your quarrels, come together, understand the reality of our situation, understand that fascism is already here, that people are already dying who could be saved, that generations more will die or live poor butchered half-lives if you fail to act. Do what must be done, discover your humanity and your love in revolution. Pass on the torch. Join us, give up your life for the people!”
~ El General George L. Jackson ~ Field Marshal and General of the Black Panther Party {1942–1971}

Venceremos Unidos!
@Peta_de_Aztlan aka Peter S. López
Sacramento, Califas, Nazi Amerika
Email: peta.aztlan@gmail.com
June 1, 2015

Fatal police shootings in 2015 approaching 400 nationwide  @washingtonpost http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/fatal-police-shootings-in-2015-approaching-400-nationwide/2015/05/30/d322256a-058e-11e5-a428-c984eb077d4e_story.html
▶ The Hidden Hand Alien Contact and the Government Cover up:
https://youtu.be/PUGuS2NV4-A   ~Pub Sept 11, 2014 via TRUTH CHANNEL
▶ Carl G. Jung: “The world hangs on a thin thread….”:
http://youtu.be/ppFlVouq-Mc  ~Pub Dec 11, 2012 via dreamlion
Basic Platform of the Humane Liberty Party:

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