▶ There will be no New 911 Investigation! via @Peta_de_Aztlan:

▶ There will be no New 911 Investigation! via :

Update: 6/2/2015
We should not lightly dismiss the possible role of the U.S. Regime in the tragic events of September 11, 2001 aka 911 as merely an ol’ burnt out conspiracy theory by paranoid lunatics. Americans now live in constant fear in varying degrees for different reasons and do not comprehend the true nature of connected reality as it is here now.

Behind 911 Amerikans suffer from #PTSD ~ mass denial, cognitive dissonance, repression and a forms of paranoid schizophrenia in different slices.  Many still suffer from the ill negative effects of 911, including denial of the truth, a warped memory of what happened and mass apathy.

Apathy can be a fear of the truth in consciousness and indifference to personal responsibility for acting upon truth revealed.  Why do some famous progressive intellectual dismiss any discussion of 911? Fear of logical conclusions about suspicious circumstances?

Amerikans want to forget all about 911 as if it never happened, yet it haunts & hovers in the back of the Amerikan psyche. The truth revealed about 911 can help heal mass mental illness & get folks to at least question the legitimacy of government and question authority.

Thus, many Amerikans suffer from mental illness, crippled cognition capacity and an underlying fear of the truth and its consequences. 911 triggered a complicated chain of historical events: #Iraq #MiddleEast Wars, #NDAA #PatriotAct #NSA and heavier fascism.
We should fully understand the critical role of mass consciousness in the raising, deepening and expanding of mass revolutionary consciousness liberated from mass lies and deceptions. Many of us have been subjected to decades of fascist propaganda, as were our own parents before, that are passed down from generation to the next. We have inherited a lot of lies and false myths. For example, there is no American democracy. We do not even have direct elections for the POTUS with the Electoral College!

Core social issues intersect and are interconnected with historical roots. We need to study history to better understand where we are today and train our brains to recognize connected reality. Many of us have poor cognition and ADHD, especially those of us online. Do not underestimate this point. When did you last focus, sit down  quietly and actually read a good book? Do not just go by the headlines of Breaking News!

We need to reach the ordinary citizens in the streets inside the U.S.A. and get the masses to at least question and investigate the complicity of the U.S. Regime in #911. This could have the potential of getting folks to not identify with the rogue U.S. Regime in blind obedience to authority. We cannot reach ‘everyone’, but we can help to minimize collateral damage if civil war or regional conflict breaks out.

Am I going too far in calling the U.S. Regime a ‘rogue state’? Does it abide by accepted ‘international laws’ and the Geneva Convention? How many undeclared wars is the U.S. Regime into now? How many millions of people have already been killed by the U.S. Military Machine in the Middle East?

Let’s not forget that at least thousands of people in Latin America have been killed directly and/or indirectly by U.S.-CIA military forces over the last few decades. Does that bloody body count matter anymore?

We need to break away from the U.S. Regime on the conscious psychic level, in order to see the legitimacy of transforming it into a truly sane humane regime or civil system of government. ‏We must abandon our allegiance to what is now a failed state.

Global Revolution is the basic general solution for our many social problems. In fact, Global Revolution would be a great leap forward in our evolution as an endangered species of life upon Mother Earth.

I know folks are sick and tired about hearing or reading about 911, BUTTT the truth of #911 could help awaken the masses of morons inside the U.S.A. out of their PTSD. Question Authority!

If there has not been a legitimate #911 Investigation by now you can rest assure that there will be none under the present corrupt system. We are bombarded with fears about impending collapse and foreign terrorism on a constant basis. We do not have a comprehensive understanding of connected reality here now. Look at the Big Picture on a global scale. Many in the world are wondering why we allow these fascist tyrants to rule over us.

Don’t just scan over these words. Think about what they mean for all of us. The very truth will help set us free. There is too much Loose Change around that simply does not add up.
Click the Video Links below!

Support Global Revolution!
Venceremos! Seize the time!
@Peta_de_Aztlan aka +Peter S. López
Sacramento, California, Nazi Amerika

▶ Invisible Empire A New World Order Defined Full:
http://youtu.be/NO24XmP1c5E ~Uploaded Apr 15, 2010 via ChangeDaChannel
▶ 911 Loose Change Full Movie Best Quality:
http://youtu.be/_IlCy1Zik1w ~Pub Mar 9, 2013 via Bo Peep
▶ Who Was Really Behind the 9/11 Attacks?
http://youtu.be/mWLis-TVB2w Pub Sept 6, 2013 via @corbettreport
▶ Nine-Eleven (2014) Vivid Pictures:
https://youtu.be/Iyi6VOF1sUc ~Pub Sept 11, 2014 via Vivid Pictures
▶ 9 11 Documentary The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy Discovery:
http://youtu.be/uIIhJEsGeDM ~Pub Nov 14, 2014 via Documentary HD 2014
▶ 9/11 Exposed 2nd Edition – Documentary ~ 2015: https://youtu.be/4Nmj6t51Wz8   ~Pub May 2, 2015 via @ConspiracyScope


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