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Global Revolution involves a complete overthrow of power relationships between the two main classes in class society: the 99+% of the overwhelming majority of the masses of the people and the -1% of the present ruling corporate elites.

Global Revolution is a protracted complex process, not a sudden uprising, regional rebellion, protest march or magic trick. Global Revolution cannot happen in one country alone. It must be global. Under Empire by its very nature there are no free independent nations.

Global Revolution is a dynamic living process and its realization would be a great leap forward in our evolution as a species. We are now an endangered species on the edge of extinction due to complex related factors, especially factors in the global environment.

The ultimate aim of global corporate fascism is to destroy all relevant revolutionary consciousness in the mass mind. People must come to understand the logical possibility and rational necessity of a relevant Global Revolution in order to transform the present state of power relationships and property relations. An authentic revolution involves the seizure of state power as its strategic aim and the transformation of the present state of property relations.

All the hype about the Arab Spring and Middle East uprisings was largely the result of Western Media and wishful thinking. Despite all the uprisings of the Arab Spring there is no sustained revolutionary regime in the region. Revolution is not a sudden revolt or mass uprising in a public square. Even when thrusts towards revolution have fallen short there is still an impact on the mass mind. Feelings and thoughts are embedded in memory. See reality as it is here now, not as you wistfully imagine it to be.

Revolutions are consciously planned by the people’s vanguard elements and manufactured with mass participation from actual conditions on the ground. Global transformers should see clearly see that any meaningful revolution now must be Global Revolution ~  intercontinental in scope and range ~ not merely regional in an isolated country in a far corner of the globe. For those of us in the USA alone another American Revolution is impossible. When we have the vision to see beyond our artificial man-made borders the ideal of Global Revolution takes on new meaning and is not so far fetched. We can do what we imagine.

We exist in the realm of connected reality. Our objective and subjective life conditions are connected and thereby interconnected in the realm of connected reality. The basic truths of life are in the Center of life, not stuck out on any Left-wing ‘out there’ in terms of mass consciousness.

The Left-Wing is outdated, hopelessly divided and lost in so many ways, though it is more reality-based than the so-called reactionary Right-Wing. Thinking in terms of Left vs. Right is a fascist psychological operation or #PsychOp perpetuated to keep activists divided. Real life is not black-and-white, but can have multiple options. We can consider the so-called Right as being dead wrong in relation to its failure to support positive progressive positions. Only a fool cannot see when he is lost. We live in the context of one interconnected global society. No functional society is an isolated island, especially with the advent of the Internet and global communications.

Are we relating to the present level of mass consciousness or just stuck in mutual admiration groups? Are we really trying to make basic common alliances with each other on the local, regional and global levels? What does it mean to be organized? How can there be grass-roots organizing where there is no grass? Why do we use old terminology in fundamentally new realities with the energy of new dynamics?

Along the way we need to command the Power of the Word. Much remains to be developed and elaborated about the Power of the Word. Some words can be interchangeable with others, For example, psyche can be synonymous for spirit. We are ultimately cosmic spiritual beings, not just our brains and bodies.

Self-identities need to be re-examined. For example, I AM first and foremost a humane being, though I relate to being a Chicano Alien de Aztlán, not an Amerikan patriot. U.S. citizens now are like those of pre-Nazi Germany. As long as their plates are full they really do not care about the wretched of the Earth.  We need to mobilize the masses as humane beings of the family of humanity, not as a nation, race, ethnic group or tribe. All lives matter.

Old worn out analyses need to be re-analyzed. We must change our thinking with changing times, expand our attention span, focus on priorities and concentrate on changing what we can.

Connected realism is at the core of revolutionary thought. We need to upgrade our mass consciousness and advocate global literacy. Old fashioned Marxist-Leninism is outdated. Marx did not consider himself a Marxist. Lenin was a control freak and paved the way for Stalin. Chairman Mao was a cruel tyrant. Che Guevara was a psychopath. Heroes can become villains.

In general, socialism as a coherent political-economic theory and praxis has failed and resulted in the deaths of many millions. There is no classless society known as communism. Look at the collapse of the Soviet Union! The so-called People’s Republic of China is another state-based capitalist empire. I won’t even go into the horror of North Korea, Look at the repressive family dictatorship of Cuba! Models can turn into grotesque cartoons.

On the other hand, Corporate Capitalism and is extension Imperialism must be overthrown and crushed. It suck the lifeblood energy out of people. We need to examine the practical merits of an equality-based democratic globalism where the people are ‘in power and secure’.

We must have faith in the people and faith in ourselves. After the darkest night of the soul have faith that the sun will rise. Mass revolutionary consciousness as we struggle towards Global Revolution may be our saving grace for us to avoid extinction as an endangered species.
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Venceremos Unidos!
@Peta_de_Aztlan aka Peter S. López
Sacramento, Califas, Nazi Amerika
Email: peta.aztlan@gmail.com


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