▶ Sharing on the Sabbath via @Peta_de_Aztlan

▶ Sharing on the Sabbath via @Peta_de_Aztlan:
We each need to express our truth as we see it without fear of the opinions of others. The core of my being is #spiritual. After a few close brushes with death I actually appreciate being alive in these troubled times of chaos and confusion. I am not hung up on racial, ethnic or tribal self-identity, though I have my preferences.I AM first and foremost a humane being.

We are blessed with Internet Power and the technology to transmit global communications, but we still need to overcome our fears. I strive to live up to my own expectations, to develop my own potential and cultivate my own character as a sovereign individual. As a recovered dope fiend and drunk, former homeless crank dealer and Chicano I am alienated from this sick depraved society.

My style ~ HOW my Spiritual Program works ~ is to be Honest, Open and Willing to change and evolve. I do a Daily Personal Inventory. For over 10 years I led a 12-Steps Group at the local Salvation Army Emergency Shelter. I have learned a lot in my lifetime.The more I learn the more I know how terribly ignorant I am. If we know everything we can learn nothing. I am a good student.

My love for life, for myself and for the beauty of people keeps me going,  though sometimes I get down in despair. Helping others helps. I #help others as I can, though I am no longer a co-dependent. We need to help ourselves as much as we can, not wait for a Savior. Sometimes helping someone can get them killed in a given situation. Hard personal struggle helps make the spirit strong.

Parents cannot always be there to catch a falling child ~ though we should keep an eye on our children. Keep them out of danger zones. At the same time, parents should raise their children to be mature functional adults. Know when to let go and let them venture forth.

Many parents smother their children, become dictators in the home and retard the spiritual growth of their own offspring. Being a good patient parent is one of the most important roles in life. Our children are the future growing up before our eyes.

Many times people we think are with us are not. Sometimes in life we have to get off our camel and just walk on with eyes wide open and head up! More will be revealed.!

Venceremos Unidos! We Wil Win United!
+Peter S. López via @Peta_de_Aztlan
Sacramento, California, Nazi Amerika
▶ Truth Connections: Leo Zagami | Money, Masons and Occultism in the Decline of the Catholic Church: https://youtu.be/ZG_Q1tdMu8o   ~Pub May 7, 2015 via truthconnections

▶ Basic Platform of the Humane Liberty Party:

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