▶ A Grain of Sand in the Ocean via @Peta_de_Aztlan:

▶ A Grain of Sand in the Ocean via @Peta_de_Aztlan:

This post may be but a grain of sand in the ocean of cosmic consciousness. There are matters on my heart I feel compelled to express before I exit this Earth ~ this planet in peril many call Mother Earth.

Life itself can be such a fragile experience ~ this breathing in and out, this early awakening and sleeping at the end of the day, this going to and fro to the store, this caring and sharing ~ all in the hope that somewhere sometime eyes will read these typed words and a lone soul can be stirred into enlightened wakefulness.

Once we awaken from deep sleep we look at the world with fresh eyes ~ consciousness is born again. We overcome our fear of the truth. We have not only been oppressed and exploited ~ our very psyche has been repressed. We imprison our own consciousness. We become convinced by fascist elements in our psyche that we are powerless to transform our situation ~ we are insignificant. Evil ones are ‘in power and control’ because we allow it to be so ~ we tolerate tyranny ~ we lack faith in our capacity to rebel. The fascist is the master of the ‘power of the word’ ~ we become convinced that Resistance is futile.

Maybe we should go back to sleep. In our sleep we escape our worldly cares and concerns. Fantasies fill our field of vision ~ we can fly away in dreamland. The slave becomes free from the moment he falls asleep until the moment he awakens and his eyes open into the nightmare of life. The slave loves sleep, it afford him a temporary escape. Most slaves spend over a third of their lives sound asleep. In his sleep the slave can dream dreams ~ can imagine he is free to live his life as he chooses in the best of all possible worlds. Alas! The slave awakens and he is still in his visible and invisible chains under corporate capitalism. His dreams scatter away like startled birds.

On a psychic level the Amerikan slave finds his identity via the slavemaster. From childhood he is taught about the Founding Fathers. As a child he is taught to recite and memorize the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag about ‘Liberty and Justice for all’. The Amerikan child is programmed to believe in the myth of American democracy and other foolish fables. He is dumb and innocent. By nature we are born innocent and ignorant, but as children we are snatched up into the Amerikan public school system.

From childhood we are programmed to believe in Amerikans myths and magic as patriotic Americans, reinforced by adults.  We are carefully taught to play by the rules, to work hard, to go with the herd and above all to respect and obey authority. In our American schools we are taught a perverted blind patriotism and a warped version of true American history. Our American schoolchildren are taught What to Think about critical issues, not How to Think with critical analysis and facts.
A People’s History of the United States ~by Howard Zinn:

The terms spirit and psyche can be interchangeable. Political struggles naturally have spiritual qualities and archetypes. A spiritual #warrior needs to operate from the Center of his being, not stuck out on a fanatical Left-wing out of balance. We need to operate with our whole being in alignment with truth that animates our conscience in the spirit-body-mind trinity.

We need to be receptive to spiritual elements ~ have true conscience in  consciousness. Humble yourself in prayer. Be connected with your own inner spirit in union and harmony with your soul. What are your essential spiritual needs? Reflect on your choices. Be honorable and conscience in your choices. Purge your self of any demons. Be aware of the consequences of your choices.

I have now been involved in Movement politics for over 40 years in varying degrees and depthness. Our whole approach has been wrong! We need to find our balance as spiritual beings in the trinity of the soul-body-mind with the power of the #spirit as primary.

We each need to work on our spiritual growth and creativity on an individual basis ~ outside of movements and organizations. We each need to respond to our calling, be still in our beingness and listen to our inner souls. Be #conscience in consciousness. We each need to do a Daily Personal Inventory ~ assess our asses and liabilities. What are we willing to give up and contribute to life?

It is not about your specific Cause, particular Movement or your favorite pet Project. It is about helping life in life. Life is about being pro-life and pro-choice, not an either/or equation. We need multiple options. We need freedom of choice.

We have strayed far from the Well of Wisdom. We have forgotten why we are here and remain an endangered species of life. We are energetic beings who are multi-sensory living in multi-dimensions with a dose of divine grace to help guide us. The Soul requires Spiritual direction and inspiration from within ~ we need to listen to our own soul and each other.

Pay attention! Use your own natural common wisdom. Focus on who you are, what you need to do and make daily progress. Do not be dumb, distracted and disconnected from what you need to do. Put practical priorities in order. Take care of your health. Lead your own life. Be your Self. Think for your Self. Take care of your Self. Do not worry about your Following!

Follow a path with heart. Leave any path if your inner heart is not into it. Live your life with dignity and grace. Find your inner grain of wisdom and toss it into the ocean of cosmic consciousness from whence it came. Let #conscience be your guide.

+Peter S. Lopez aka @Peta_de_Aztlan:
Sacramento, California, Nazi Amerika
Conscience – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
▶ Caroline Myss: @CarolineMyss: Spiritual Direction: Pebbles in the Well – Learning to Listen to Your Soul – 2015:
https://youtu.be/EEnHo1sTE0o   ~Pub June 5, 2015 via David Smith
Heroes and Villains – Archetypes: via

“To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
▶ Carl G. Jung: “The world hangs on a thin thread and that is the psyche of man… “:
http://youtu.be/ppFlVouq-Mc  ~Pub Dec 11, 2012 via dreamlion
▶ Basic Platform of the Humane Liberty Party: https://humanelibertyparty.wordpress.com/2014/10/09/basic-platform-of-the-humane-liberty-party/

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