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Living in life involves our time, energy and attention. I have an #ADHD tendency so I tend to pay more attention to where I FOCUS ATTENTION. A tendency is not the same as a clinical disorder. Do not let words alone label you.

Just as we inherit our humane rights at birth, we also inherit the responsibility to help humankind as we exercise our Humane Rights. We cannot just endlessly bitch, complain, whine and blame the fascist pigs for what’s wrong. We are not children. We have a sacred responsibility to help make it a better world. As mature adults we have a responsibility to help the family of humanity ~ our friends, our families and ourselves on a personal level. If we stop and think about it, all of us have a crucial role to play in life. We must heed our calling in life or end up on our deathbed with regret and pangs of pain. We need to wake up to our sacred responsibility to help out in the general situation in what ways we can while we can. Examine the words ‘response ability’. Do we have any real response ability?

We must respond to connected reality. It does not take a genius to list our many problems we face as one family of humanity. We need solvent solutions, a common language for engaging in open dialogue. We can gradually develop a common terminology in our communications. No one has all the answers to all our critical questions nor all the solvent solutions to all our pertinent problems. Wisdom is applied knowledge in action. It is not enough to know, we must also act with vision.

The ideal of democracy means the majority rules, which could be a terrible tyranny for the minority. In truth, there is no genuine democracy in America. We here in America are now under the most advanced form of authoritarian #fascism in history, disguised as a representative democracy. Most of the U.S. Congress is composed of millionaires. In the U.S., about 60% of voting eligible population votes during presidential election years and about 40% votes during midterm elections. We cannot blame everything on those no good Bankers and those foul fascist pigs. There is enough blame to go around.
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Practical realism is at the core of any valid recolutionary analysis, not broken Left-wing wishful thinkng and angry emotional fervor. We who want a better world for us and our families must also see our own shadows, our own character defects and change as we can from within ourselves.

The majority of Americans do not now support any idea of a relevant revolution inside the United States. They do not see the interconnectedness of the Big Picture. American activists have so far not been able to gain the popular support desired for a popular revolution from within the borders of the continental United States. We must pin our hopes for Global Revolution on the broad masses of the people worldwide, not on those asleep here in the U.S.A.

A true democracy requires the mass participation of the people to make it real and viable. In essence, a mass participatory democracy. Right now a genuine Amerikan democracy is a myth. In other words, people are going to have to get up off their ass and DO SOMETHING! We need to be active participants in our everydat lives, not just on Election Days for there to be any authentic democracy. We are not worthy of the benefits of #liberty and democracy if we do nothing to achieve it for ourselves and our families. We should all want peace on Earh, the paradox is we have to fight for Peace with bold courage and sincere conviction.

We need to influence and impact upon mass consciousness. Exhaust all peaceful methods of resistance with a committed conscience. A fundamental quality of having a conscience, not to be confused with just being conscious, is knowing right from wrong ~ a moral compass.

We must relate to the people’s present level of consciousness and resonate with the frequency of mass consciousness, not fool ourselves. Do not confuse personal subjective understanding with universal consciousness. If people are ignorant about important matters it is up to us to help educate them in order to liberate them from their ignorance, not to be arrogant and call them sheep. People must learn from their own direct experience. The mass psyche is now repressed.

We must learn how to think clearly, not just be told what to think. We must examine a subject from as many angles as possible to get a better picture, not jump to predetermined conclusions. We must take on the role of educators and patiently explain matters to people, especialy about complex issues. Lead forth in the process of historical development.

Wise leadership is important for us as people. It can make a difference in people dying or not and aimless bloodbaths. Study and remember the priceless lessons of the Black Panther Party. Avoid the drainage of funds due to petty arrests. We should be prepared with a basic knowledge of First Aid and have contingency plans for sudden emergencies. Shit happens.

It is an old true saying that every Follower is a potential Leader. We need to cultivate new leadership. Encourage! Great strategic errors have been made in the last few years that left many young activists down and discouraged in deep despair. If we do not study the lessons of history we are doomed to repeat grand strategic errors. History is a guide to action, not a blueprint.

Vanguard leadership must be protected. A Malcolm X only comes by ever 100 years or so. Dr, King was easily killed standing by comrades who should of been aware and alert human shields!

If we do not take ourselves and our efforts seriously we might as well go outside and play with the kids. People are starving to death and dying now. 

It is easy to avoid blame and criticism if are only sitting on our ass criticizing those who are at least trying to raise mass consciousness. People must be convinced that partisans have done what they can to exhaust peaceful methods of critical resistance before sterner stuff is undertaken. We must accept and know the connected reality of life as it is before we try to change anything. What is simply is. Do not be misled by fanactics or fools. Our best weapons are the sublime truth, pure love and a good path with heart.

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. ~ President John F.  Kennedy ~ March 13, 1962:

Venceremos Unidos! We Will Win United!
@Peta_de_Aztlan aka Peter S. López
Sacramento, California, Nazi Amerika
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