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On any given day most of us are just trying to make it through the day, trying to stay out-of-the-way, trying to make ends meet and taking care of our personal business. Those who are blessed to be online tend to have a different consciousness than those who are never online ~ there is a great digital divide. More than 2 Billion people use the Internet on any given day. It has transformed the world we live in today on many levels in different dimensions.
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Some folks think in absolutes and figure ‘everybody’ is on the Net, especially with digital devices of one kind or another being available. In North America 78.6% of folks use the Internet, while in Africa it is 15.6%. Thus, economic inequality is reflected by Internet usage. The corporate capitalism of imperialism impacts on our lives in subtle connected ways that are often beyond our visual perception. Corporate capitalism is an invisible umbilical cord that binds us to the dominant economic system in the world as slaves.

We tend not to question the economic system within which we are born and raised, we can think of it as being the natural order of life among the living. We are raised to be passive and accept the state of the world without question, especially not to question authority. In America we are raised to be good citizens, work hard for the Boss, play by the rules and believe in the myth of the American dream. If we are alert and awake as we mature we begin to see the lies and hypocrisy of the American dream. We question our earlier false assumptions. We see more and more inconsistencies. We sense something is wrong in the world.

Awakening to the cruel realities of life can be a gradual process. Some learn better and quicker than others. As we are exposed to more lifetime experiences and closely examine them we can become enlightened, along with prayer, study, meditation and introspection. Enlightenment involves seeking truth, knowing who we are, finding meaning and purpose in life and responding to our inner calling!

There are many pathways up the mountain top, each of us has our own path. The only worthy path is a path with heart. We should travel no path in life if our heart is not into it. The heart is wiser than the mind. Take the time to listen to your heart and avoid negative toxic people around you.

The evil forces of fascism are able to keep billions of us living in fear, terrified with a vague sense of dread, keep us convinced of our lack of inherent power. We lack inner faith in ourselves, in our communal capacity and could transform the whole world together in a week if we were awakened. These issues are spiritual, not merely material.

We are kept in mass fear by mass lies, by mass deception and by mass fascist propaganda constantly fed to us by corporate media. Fear is the great enemy that lingers in our psyche. We cannot afford to live our lives in paranoid fear. Fear is rough on our tender hearts and harmful to the inner soul. 

Our mass psyche is programmed by a sick system in a toxic culture of fear of the unknown, mistrust of the alien, being scared of the stranger. Our perception is perverted by the prestige of power, the glitter of glamor, psychopaths in high places, the illusion of progress.

We are programmed to be afraid of our own potential power to transform ourselves and thereby be better prepared to transform the world. We must pluck up our courage from the roots of our soul and combat evil whenever and wherever it arises. To hell with cowardly fear!

Sometimes some fools and fanatics who are supposed to be for the people feed into and hype up mass fear, making matters worse. We must not unconsciously police and monitor ourselves by self-censorship and edit ourselves to be politically correct. Strike with audacity!

The control freaks of fascism ~ scientists of mass control ~ hate and want to control and monitor all our communications! Our humane rights are like muscles! Use them or lose them. Let the world know you are alive. Do not hide behind masks! We must relate to the people’s level of consciousness and resonate with the people’s consciousness. Be more rational than emotional.

We must function in the real world and gain mass support for a positive mass-based Global Revolution one person at a time.  We must be humble helpers of the people in our lives for only the masses of enlightened people can create Global Revolution! We need to be sober and practical helpers of the people as we know that it is ultimately up to the people’s creative genius to make it all happen. The people themselves must be led to see the practical necessity and logical possibility of a relevant Global Revolution.

We must study the rich history of revolutions and connected reality as it is now with creative imagination and innovation. Revolution is a blossoming social process, not a fixed conclusion. Revolution is a real quantum leap in human evolution. It is natural. There are different kinds of revolutions. Earth experiences a revolution every day as it spins on its axis.

After we are done making it through the day we should be grateful for making it into the night alive and well. We have made progress and avoided death. In the morning we have a fresh start/ Life can be so fragile and can be put out like a flickering wavering candle with one puff of air. Treasure life while you live.
Venceremos Unidos! We Will Win United!
+Peter S. López via @Peta_de_Aztlan
Sacramento, California, Nazi Amerika
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