▶ On Exhausting Peaceful Methods: via @Peta_de_Aztlan:

▶ On Exhausting Peaceful Methods: via :
We are in a critical time in our history as an endangered species of life upon Mother Earth. Keep analysis in perspective. We belong to the Earth, the Earth does not belong to us. Human beings remain a predatory species composed of hungry predatory killers and their prey. We feed off each other, though usually humans are not cannibals, we love to devour other animals, especially cattle and chickens. We suck on bones, savor bone marrow. Some of us look on in horror when we see Chinese eat dogs because of prejudice in our narrow-minded Western culture.

We must understand that humans are also animals, though most assume they are better than and superior to other animals. Yet, humans are the only species that make systemic planned wars of mutual slaughter on each other, instigate world wars and are usually involved in assorted regional conflicts over land and limited natural resources. Character defects can play the role of demons in our lives and should be recognized and corrected by us. We are all vulnerable to them.

As social contradictions mature and reach nodal points rebellions can erupt and revolutions that overthrow the established order can occur. On the other hand, there can be counter revolutions that seek to re-establish the old order. The concept of the New World Order is another fascist #PsychOp or psychological operation because evil orders are ancient, not new. The passive apathy of the people allows tyrants to make wars in their name. Revolution depends on the people’s support. We will evolve more when we become as proficient as making a mutual lasting peace as we are at waging endless war.

Many utter the word revolution yet have no inkling of what revolution is and how to bring it about. They get lost in words and isms. For sure revolution requires the conscious understanding, active support and mass participation of the people or it will fail.

The people’s vanguard elements must resonate with the mass consciousness of the people and be concerned with their vital interests. We would be fools to isolate ourselves, advocate violence and fall into Left-wing adventurism divorced from the people.

We can never win if we do not engage in mutual criticism and honest self-criticism. Honest loving #criticism is essential. Fascism is scientific. It knows how to defuse, divide and distract liberation movements that pose a tangible threat to its power. The Arab Spring failed. Occupy Wall Street was dismantled. Revolution in Amerika alone is impossible. Only Global Revolution has a remote chance at saving us from near-term extinction. When any thrusts towards a rational relevant revolution fails it is the fault of the people’s vanguard elements, not the people.

Certain points must be brought up again and again so they do not get lost in streams of consciousness, esp. online where many suffer #ADHD.

Revolution is a process of historical development that erupts under certain social conditions, not a final conclusion. Peaceful #Revolution is an ideal we desire, though we are not all governed by high ideals and spiritual principles. We are governed by perverted psychopaths who rule over a pacified general population who suffer from various degrees of schizophrenia. In fairness, Amerikans have been bombarded by fascist propaganda more than any other people. Do not expect any uprising here.

We must clearly exhaust all peaceful methods of protest, of resistance, of civil disobedience ~ including electoral politics. The people must see that the Resistance has attempted to exhaust peaceful methods of Resistance to fascist tyranny.

Great strategic mistakes and tactical errors have been made by American activists that need to be discussed and corrected. #Cognition is confused when we are stuck thinking in terms of Left vs. Right and a zillion other divisions that keep us hating each other.  We need to evolve beyond any limited self-identity based upon narrow orientations, such as race and nation, and see our common humanity.

These are the troubled times within which we exist that test our cosmic love for peace, unity and harmony as one family. The Spiritual growth and development of each of us is important for the same for all of us. We can grow together as one family. Our options are simple. We either survive and thrive as one people, as one family, as one species or we will perish alone.

Exhausting Peaceful Methods includes:
~ exercising our humane rights
~ forming political parties
~ creating people’s militias

We must exhaust all peaceful methods of resistance, be prepared for serious storms to come and use our creative imagination. As humane beings we need to help one another, check in on our neighbors and practice what we preach. We remain one family of humanity.
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+Peter S. López via @Peta_de_Aztlan:
Sacramento, California, Nazi Amerika
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