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If we are honest with ourselves, it should be obvious that many of us are confused and scattered out about core issues.

Without inflated egotism I will address our #connects as if we are supportive of fundamental radical change in the world in general. We should not care about gaining or losing virtual Followers online who we should think of as #connects. Just go with the flow.

If people were more aware of the dangers to us as Earthlings they would not waste precious energy on meaningless madness from fools.The truth dwells in the Center of connected reality, not out on a limb on any wing.

We need to go ‘back to the basics’ about raising mass consciousness about Global Revolution as a Basic Solution for our global dilemma. We need to go back to the Basics and not scatter our energies in fruitless efforts, instead we need to focus our collective energies together as one family of humanity.

The Basics include:
1.  Empowering the enlightened individual
2.  Mass education raising consciousness
3.  Building vanguard organizations and movements
4.  Forging global alliances and networking

If knowing about the Evils going on in the world has not radicalized you yet, then you have not been paying attention to what’s going on. To be radical should be the natural result of our learning, loving and gaining experience in life, not foolish fanaticism.To be #radical is to dig down to the root of what matters. Seek to understand root causes, not just external effects.
Human beings as a species remain herd animals. We follow leaders. What we need is wise vanguard leadership willing to pull ahead and help pull us forward. Leadership in one form or another is critical for any positive and progressive movement to advance. Movements must move! In my life I have seen a lot of movements come and go. Sometimes they lose momentum, fade out and lose the original visions. Movements are natural organic expressions of social unrest and general discontent. Every follower is a potential leader.

My first political involvement was with the United Farmworker’s Movement and the Grape Boycott decades ago. Follow @UFWupdates. I have been blessed to have seen the beautiful Power of the People in my lifetime and have met some beautiful people along the way. I have no doubt that We Will Win! Venceremos! No matter what it takes or how long it takes. The power of Love will prevail. 

Many good people have already made the ultimate sacrifice for our collective freedom. Let us make sure their deaths have not been in vain!

Once the Strategy is understood by the intelligent commander the Tactics applicable to the situation are the product of imagination alone! Life itself is a creative process. Life affirms and supports life. Somewhere a flower rises from a crack in the sidewalk.

We need to cultivate a culture of Liberation of positive practices and behavior patterns to replace the toxic culture we exist in now. Truth has no wings. We need to get out of broken Left-wing thinking. Isolate corrupt racist and nationalist Right-wing thinking.

Study the stages of cognition:
~ perception
~ conception
~ action

Know how we acquire, process and understand vital information. Relate and tap into the people’s present level of mass #consciousness. Be concerned with their basic survival interests: good food, proper clothing, decent shelter, medical care and quality education.

So-called activists who oppose ALL forms of Electoral Politics have the imagination of a boiling frog. People understand about Voting and if any are asleep it is our duty to wake them up. Activism without Higher Consciousness is like moving in a Movement without meaning or purpose. We need activism with a #conscience. Who are so-called activists trying to activate? The people or a mutual admiration society? We need to relate to the people in all our undertakings!

There are reasons why certain social movements fail to achieve their aims. We need to constantly review, revise and refine our methods of work. Sometimes mistakes are a part of the learning process. The idea here is to learn from past mistakes to prevent future ones. There is no need to throw stones at people who got lost like on the road to hell with good intentions.

Many times we confuse a long-term strategy with temporary tactics. It is about concrete analyses of concrete conditions. When we start seeing ourselves as full-time helpers of the people and taking ourselves seriously, then others around us will wake up more. We need common sense wisdom and should practice a sane and sober life-style. Others often see us better than we see ourselves. We should either get involved ‘for the duration’ as conscious committed comrades and warriors or quit playing at revolution.

Now is good time for us to do a personal inventory, asses our assets and liabilities and honestly examine our priorities. Sometimes folks stray away from creative activism, seek many forms of escapism in sex, music and drugs and lose heart. Faint weak hearts do not win decisive struggles. Sometimes the darkness of our shadows wins out over the light of our souls. Many of us have been raised in a sick twisted society and have been programmed with a desire for and fear of the #truth. We must be truth warriors. Seek the truth wherever it leads. Share the truth, live by the truth and honor the truth in all your relations.

Love the people. Each of us have different levels of energy, different degrees of love and different responsibilities. There are powers in diversity. We need to work in our natural habitat and bring our expertise to the table when we meet

Study different political-economic theories and examine how thy work in different countries without prejudice. Know your -isms. Global democratic socialism is the best political economy for us to have a chance at creating Peace on Earth and avoid species #extinction.
#STUDY: A People’s History of the United States ~By Howard Zinn via @hiawdotorg
#STUDY; Quotations from Mao Tse Tung:
#STUDY: Che Guevara Archive:
Sometimes when we get lost and discouraged we simply need to go back to the Basics before we seize the time and advance onward! We need to inspire each other and share our experience, strength and hope. If we think we know everything we can learn nothing. Be good at learning!
Venceremos Unidos! We Will Win United!
@Peta_de_Aztlan aka +Peter S. López
Sacramento, California, Nazi Amerika
July 4, 2015
▶ Basic Platform of the Humane Liberty Party:
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