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Many people who spend a lot of time online suffer from #ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) in varying degrees. We can better manage any ADHD tendency with a focus on the here and now and keeping in mind our personal priorities.

A few tools for coping with #ADHD are:
~ pay attention to where attention goes
~ being aware of the present moment
~ aware conscious mindfulness
~ breathing in the current frequency

Without our conscious awareness our attention span can be shrinking when we should work on expanding our attention span.  Our present mindset, immediate environment and attachments affect our attention span and mindfulness on a constant existential basis.

Be aware of the simple fact that energy goes where attention goes. Why worry about stuff you can do nothing about in real life? Those of us online a lot can be bombarded on a constant basis by the 24-hour new cycle. We can stress about who got killed thousands of miles away or a sudden off-the-wall massacre. #Collapse #WWIII #Politics etc. This can cause stress and disorder in our lives.

We label people with a psychiatric term that could help in a diagnosis, yet labels can also mask our own personal fears. Psychiatric labels can also be a form of fascist mass mind control. The behavior of drug addiction can manifest as #OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and #ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity) Disorder. Many people can have ADHD online without being fully conscious of having the disorder. Many times what could be labeled as a disorder, such as ADHD, could simply be a mere tendency if we are sober, aware and mindful of the moment.

Like an addiction we need to honestly see if ADHD is causing negative consequences in our lives or not. Do we forget to take care of personal business? Are our personal relationships being harmed? Are our loved ones being neglected?

ADHD can be a real learning disability if not understood. How many times do we forget what we were going to say in mid-sentence or lose track in a conversation? The mind can be easily distracted.

There is nothing like a clear sober mind free of drugs, including prescription drugs, free of stress, free of anxiety and free of worry.

As global citizens we need to be humane beings with a humane agenda to give our lives form and meaning. We are responsible for our lives. Fascism loves to keep us in a state of constant distraction and controls corporate media.

Global Revolution is the ultimate solution, yet we need to work on our Spiritual Evolution as humane beings and do what we can to create a better world here now. By nature we are humane and should have a natural affinity for other humane beings. However, many of us have become alienated from nature, from our true humane nature and from others in our lives.

We need to go back to our original nature and live our lives in harmony with our true self, with nature and with each other as creatures of the Creator.
Marx’s theory of alienation – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

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Book: Scattered: How Attention Deficit Disorder Originates… Dr Gabor Mate:  via @amazon Books http://www.amazon.com/Scattered-Attention-Deficit-Disorder-Originates/dp/0452279631
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REM Sleep Can Be Critical to Memory Formation in Young Brains:@PsychCentral
Doctor Saul convinced  doesn’t exist  drugs do more harm than good:

▶ Nature of Things: Addiction Specialist Gabor Maté Ventures Outside Western Medicine:
https://youtu.be/fMyd1QOP3mw   ~Pub April 28, 2015 via Our Amazing World
▶ Taming The Hungry Ghost – Dr. Gabor Maté ~ February 5, 2015: https://youtu.be/OV-xw9IGm7o   ~Pub Feb 13, 2015 via UBCLC

▶ Dr. Gabor Maté: Attachment and Brain Development:
https://youtu.be/uKES1nyitAg   ~Pub May 29, 2012  via tvoparents
▶ Adults With ADHD: What Do We Know? What Do They Need?:
https://youtu.be/J4OYh3kBbi0   ~Uploaded Oct 8, 2009 via tvoparents
▶ Living With ADHD ~ BBC Documentary:
https://youtu.be/5lrcxmOolB8   ~Pub June 13, 2013 via ADHD Tips
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