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Posted: July 23, 2015

When we awaken in connected reality we can see the importance of working on our Spiritual Evolution on an individual basis. Each of us are a unique sovereign spiritual being ~ No one exactly as you has existed before nor will again in our lifetime. Our unique individuality is part of what makes each of us special with a sublime sacredness. Honor your uniqueness and live with wisdom.

What is in connected reality simply ‘is’. What can be points to the quantum potential of being and is not necessarily what is ‘here now’ ~ it is potentiality. We have so much more potential that what we manifest. We may not ever achieve actual perfection, but we can make daily progress.  When we awaken, truly awaken, we are awake, alive and aware of what is going in the wicked world and within us as Spiritual Beings ~ not lost in any alleged New Age.

To be awake is to be aware of our beingness in the divine trinity of the soul, body and mind. To be awake is to be in harmony with our soul. Those of us who are awake have a sacred responsibility to awaken others in our lives, in our circles of compassion and beyond.

We must help awaken the masses about what is going on ~ create global literacy so that we can all read and write as global citizens. We cannot sit smug in our arrogance, get strung out online on the Internet and forget to help wake up our local communities and neighbors. Computers can help us awaken the masses ~ every home should have a basic computer with Internet Access for the whole family, for the whole world.

We wake up at different times at different levels and we each wake up to our own unique level of consciousness. The trick is to stay awake and keep waking up! To be awake requires a degree of attention, a call for personal involvement, an awareness of personal responsibility and inner courage. Many lost souls live out their lives without ever being fully awake, knowing wonderment or the thrill of discovery.

We are blessed to awaken to the promise of every brand new day and the opportunity to help awaken others in our lives. Many people are born, live and die without ever enjoying a breath of clean fresh air without inhaling toxic pollution. We live in a toxic culture of hate,  fear and suspicion. We should be living our lives enjoying the benefits of life, liberty and peace in pursuit of genuine happiness free of fear.

To be awake is to have a conscious conscience ~ to know right from wrong, to know good from evil and to have a moral compass. Awakening is a gradual process, we awaken at different speeds. Some learn quicker than others. We must patiently educate to liberate. To be involved in our awakening is to be involved in helping to awaken those who are ignored, neglected and forgotten by tyrants. We must learn to take care of ourselves, to trust our natural instincts, to be in tune with our own divine spirituality.

Sometimes after we wake up and learning is still new to us, we can still fall back to sleep. We can forget who we are, where we are at and what we have learned. Some even die in their sleep without ever fully awakening with eyes wide open. Life is precious, sacred and fragile. A minor mishap can cause years of grief without relief. Be aware of every deep breath.

Sometimes it takes a personal tragedy or great loss to wake up our souls. It takes what it takes. Sometimes we wake up on our deathbed. Let us awaken as loving and compassionate humane beings motivated by the Spirit of pure Love. Live in Love. Help wake up the masses of the world. Seize the time!
Venceremos Unidos! We Will Win United!
@Peta_de_Aztlan: aka +Peter S. López
Sacramento, California, Nazi Amerika
▶ Basic Platform of the Humane Liberty Party:

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