▶ On Racial Politics: via @Peta_de_Aztlan:

▶ On Racial Politics: via @Peta_de_Aztlan:
As one family of humanity, we need to evolve far beyond narrow racial politics while respecting so-called races of people and the sovereign individuality of all as humane beings. We know the old Roman Empire formula of ‘divide and conquer’. This strategy has worked well for the Amerikan Empire throughout its history and keeps the people divided along racial lines and hating each other. In response to racial injustice different social movements have evolved that seek to appeal to members of a specific race for support. #BlackLivesMatter

Is there a White Liberation Movement that is not racist? White people in the U.S. are an oppressed people under corporate capitalism who should fight for Liberty and justice for all.

No matter how we define ourselves as being a member of a separate race, a subjective idea, the fact remains we are all of one human race. How we identify ourselves on an individual personal level is important for our sense of well-being, our personal integration in the world where many are defined as being of on race or another. When we identify only as members of a race of people and are turned off by the presence of ‘others’ in our number this can perpetuate racism in general and divide us from other races, other peoples.

Racial identity can give us a group identity. The concept of race is a man-made invention and can perpetuate a racist sense of superiority of one race being over and better than another. Despite our advanced military technology we are still a very primitive species with all our regional wars hated, divisions and deep character defects.

Each of us are on our own level of consciousness about connected reality. Indeed, all our realities are inherently interconnected. Words are limited to explain social phenomena. Many  times we are operating from different definitions, especially about racial matters and other sensitive subjects.

If we do not come together as one people chances are we will not even live through this century as we are now an endangered species of life with great environmental dangers facing us. To boot, we have insane psychopaths who rule over us and a pacified apathetic general population.

Black people are being shot down and killed by fascist pigs in the streets of Nazi Amerika on a routine basis as if it is the natural order of life. Brown people do not even have a commonly accepted term to call themselves, though ‘Latino’ is popular the term is of European origin. Asian people do not even get involved in racial matters and often define themselves only by country of origin. Many Amerikans cannot even distinguish Chinese from Japanese people and just lump all Asians together. In short, we are divided along racial color lines.

Racism remains deeply embedded in the #psyche of the Amerikan mind ~ down to the slightest variation of skin tone or complexion. There is no magic pill to cure racism, but the honest sharing of experiences, overcoming any denial about holding racist opinions and open wide-ranging discussions about racial matters will help us understand it better. Spiritual struggles can help us resolve mental health issues such as racism. Racism ultimately is a sickness of the soul. For sure we want to avoid the horrors of race war even on a local regional level.

We must wisely build upon our common survival interests and our common denominators with a sincere longing for unity based upon shared principles. We must fight on as humane beings who have love and compassion for the people ~ for all people ~ not divided by colors, flags or nations. We who fight for Liberty are now up against the most powerful forces of combined evil in human history,  including our own dark shadows.

As humane beings we must engage in mass education, promote global literacy and resonate with mass consciousness, not with inflated egos or obsessed with personal ideology. Fascism wants to keep us divided along surface color lines, separated by race and putting race before our unity as one humanity. We need to live in balance seek harmony with all people, relate to different cultures and be good students of world history.

We must always keep in mind our common needs:
~ good food
~ proper clothing
~ decent shelter
~ medical care and
~ quality education.

We must think on a global level, no one people or country is the center of the cosmos. Each of us has great potential we need to manifest. We are all exceptional in our own way.

We have great demons we must combat with conscious hearts:
~ fascist corporatism
~ Amerikan Imperialism
~ nationalism
~ racism and
~ sexism.

We must participate in people’s politics as global citizens, not as separate divided races. People’s politics is about serving the people’s basic needs: good food, proper clothing, decent shelter, medical care and quality education. These are the politics of humane compassionate people.

Despite the potential for mass education via Internet power many of us have ADHD with short attention spans. Many do not  take the time to read, to ponder and to quietly analyze what’s going on. Do not indulge yourself with despair and depression. Speaking out will help your spirit blossom.
Venceremos Unidos! We Will Win United!
@Peta_de_Aztlan aka Peter S. López
Sacramento, California, Nazi Amerika
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