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We must create a mass collective consciousness that stimulates us to come together and seek to avoid species extinction.  There are tremendous gaps in our collective consciousness and cracks in cognition among many people. Mass insanity is now the norm. Contrary to lost Leftist thinking, Amerikans are actually awake but many lack a humane conscience with humane values. Most Amerikans carry on in their daily lives as if they are not in the center ~ the fulcrum ~ of a collapsing civilization. Most Amerikans only have a vague notion of what’s happening on a global level gleaned by glancing at newspaper headlines. We can’t just blame it all on mass apathy. There are character defects involved too. Most citizens are dysfunctional, do not bother to vote and do not really give a damn about others. They are stricken by selfish individualism.

The illusion of nationalism under Empire is a form of  egotism on a national level. Some will fight and die for what does not really exist. Many Amerikans speak of ‘our democracy’ and ‘our government’ as if we have a People’s Republic of the USA ~ when we have a rogue state. In a given situation Amerikans can be very charitable and generous but  it takes a tsunami tragedy or global natural disaster to get their attention. The one-eyed cyclops AKA TV is the main form of home entertainment to ‘enrich’ the minds of the general population + the Internet.

Many middle-class Amerikans fail to fathom that their high standard of living is because of the plunder of the 3rd World. To clarify, the term 3rd World refers to the continents of Africa, Asia and Latin America. In truth there is only one real world, though we can see our individual perception as making up our own little world.  We are in the world whether we admit it or not to ourselves.

Despite outward appearances and TV commercials, White people are a minority in the real world of connected reality, though many act like they are the majority and own the world. Be nice! White supremacy is a major obstacle to a united Liberation Movement in the United States.

What happens in the USA is key because the actions of its rogue regime can have a global impact, such as the imperialist war on terror that has terrorized the world. We cannot ignore the Amerikan people and let them slide because the actions of the U.S. Regime affects the whole world. As humane activists we must do whatever we can to fully awaken the Amerikan people, especially those who pretend to  be asleep. As U.S. citizens we are at least partly responsible for all the hell  and havoc caused by the war mongering U.S  Regime. Remember! After 911 many of the world’s peoples condemned the attack, then the Bush Regime launched its treacherous War on Terror.

As humane activists we must condemn the mass apathy of the Amerikan people and get them involved in radical resistance to fascism. We cannot afford to fake sleep while the US Regime remains the biggest terrorist state in the world with no repercussions. World War III may very well be on the horizon and domestic terrorism against the innocents remains a real threat to all of us. It is up to the Amerikan people to wake up, get involved and take responsible action against the tyranny of the US Regime. We in the USA are in a similar historical situation as Germans in pre-Nazi  Germany. FEMA Camps can already be setup for us. If we as citizens do not stop the fascist butchers we ourselves become silent accomplices to tyranny. We have been warned!

The Super rich get richer, the poor get poorer and it is business as usual for the billionaire corporate ruling class. Politics is the business of power. Many hate politics while they allow pervert politicians to rule over us and don’t even bother to #VOTE. We have lost our democracy, if we ever had one. We take for granted the right to vote and sit on our asses on Election Day. How can we claim voting never makes a difference if we never even get off our ass to #VOTE on Election Day? We lose by default.

Participation in Electoral Politics is a tactic to measure and gauge popular support, not a set strategy to seize state power. Study history. There have been no real revolutions without vanguard leadership by #Anonymous masked people without organization. If we want community people to take us seriously we need to get serious about our work or go play outside. Lead, Follow or get out-of-the-way! The key is for us to create mass consciousness, to resonate and vibrate with mass consciousness. Creative consciousness is key!

People need to see the practical necessity and logical possibility of a relevant Global Revolution by any means necessary! We are too far down the rabbit hole to turn back now. Any relevant Revolution must be Global in scope and range, not just domestic in Nazi Amerika.

We Earthlings are of one human race ~ regardless of our different skin colors and penchant for the mental illness of racism. We need to create bridges across the great gaps in mass consciousness caused by illusions of separation, such as, race, nation, sex etc. We need to build a practical people’s politics that emphasizes the people’s basic survival needs, not a race-based politics. Fascism can foment divisions among the people in any way it can. We are one family of humanity, Life is sacred. #AllLivesMatter

We must subject our individual personal interests to the collective interests of the people. Avoid selfish individualism. It all begins with the individual humane being ~ we are born humane, but our humane compassion for others is damaged in a inhumane society.

The inflated ego wrestles for control and dominance over the fearful insecure personality. We fear being swallowed up by the masses.  It is natural to have a healthy wholesome ego that sees life in balanced proportion in relation to the masses of people. Do the math. The lives of 7.3 billion people are more important than one lone individual, but not to the exaggerated inflated ego.

We are in the era of the #Internet with the potential for mass communication at the simple press of a button. We must express ourselves! For our individuation and spiritual liberty we need to express ourselves as honestly as we can. Gaining illusory followers is irrelevant. We need to find a balance between creating mass consciousness and developing our own individual consciousness. Come together and create!
World Population Clock: 7.3 Billion People (2015) – Worldometers:
Collective consciousness – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
▶ JFK Secret Societies Speech ~ April 27, 1961 ~ Full Version:
http://youtu.be/zdMbmdFOvTs   ~Pub Oct 24, 2012 via MrMnmn911
Venceremos Unidos! We Will Win United!
@Peta_de_Aztlan: aka +Peter S. López
Sacramento, California, Nazi Amerika
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