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I AM into Radical Recovery. My sobriety date off alcohol is June 24, 2004. Alcohol was my main chemical addiction, but I was also strung out on methamphetamine for a time. As of today, I now have over 12+ years off of shooting up ‘meth’ into my veins ~ an evil practice. 

In my dark past I use to be a lost low-life crank dealer in Del Paso Heights, the largest Black ghetto in Sacramento County. Now I am on Social Security Disability based upon a bipolar diagnosis. I dispute the diagnosis and actually have tendencies of ADHD and OCD that I monitor with mindful consciousness. In a way, I still consider myself ‘in recovery’, then life itself can be a protracted healing process. I know want to keep out of the insanity of any form of addiction.

“Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol or morphine or idealism.” ~ Dr. Carl Jung

At the local Salvation Army Emergency Shelter here in Sacramento, I was a Coordinator for a Christian 12-Steps based recovery group called CASA (‘house’ in Spanish). CASA stood for Christians Against Substance Addiction. We held open meetings at Sally’s and I helped to lead them for over 10+ years.

Eventually due to my losing my job as a Counselor  and Case Manager after County cutbacks I myself became homeless once again. I stopped running meetings and had to work on my own survival issues. After several years I had little attendance and little participation at CASA Meetings. Recovery was no longer the rage it use to be, especially for those on transitional housing lists, such as Mather Community Campus. Those interested in getting into a recovery program were often became strung out on the AA/NA 12-Steps Programs, which can be a cult with clichés and sayings without delving into centrifugal economic-environmental issues. Many folks at the shelter were now getting onto SSI and getting strung out on prescription drugs or psyche meds.

As time went on doing CASA Meetings at Sally’s I felt I had become a kind of co-dependent, monitoring folks in recovery and I became a bit egocentric. I realized it was not about me or being popular. It was about helping others raise their self-esteem and getting well.

The goal of recovery is to heal, get to know who we are, finding our true self and becoming whole. The recovery process is a personal journey, you have to want to be well and free from any chemical addiction. If it is to come true it is up to you. Others can help set a good example, but we each have to walk our own path. No one else can walk it for you.

Over time I gradually evolved more into what I call Radical Recovery which examines the psycho-social-bio roots of drug addiction and transforming real world social conditions. It is the objective conditions of the misery of poverty and suffering that make people want to escape it all via dope and booze. It is these oppressive and repressive social conditions that must be identified and transformed.

The phony War on Drugs became a war on drug addicts. Corporate capitalism wanted its cut of the billions spent on street drugs. There is a lot of dark money involved in the drug trade with its intercontinental cartels. The U.S. sponsored drug war has helped to finance corrupt  military regimes in Latin America and U.S. felons convicted behind drug laws bolstered the domestic prison-industrial complex.

More than 1.57 million inmates sat behind bars in federal, state, and county prisons and jails around the country as of December 31, 2013.

Fascism is afraid of even the limited legalization of drugs. It remembers the drug culture of the 60s and questioning of official authority by youth. Now we have many people addicted to drugs who need recovery from addiction. In the spectrum of addiction there is casual use, daily abuse and hard core addiction. 

Nowadays it can be hard to get addicts interested in recovery from drug addiction who are in an addicted society living in a toxic culture. Many millions of people are addicted to drugs, including pharmaceutical drugs. People can be addicted in the physical sense and in the psychic sense.

Addiction is habitual indulgence in any behavior that has harmful negative consequences and can have many forms and manifestations. The military-industrial complex is addicted to war and supported by big pharmaceutical companies or Big Pharma.

The basic A.A. 12-Step Program is a good framework for those who are sincerely interested in recovery, but we have to get to the bottom of the fear and pain that generates drug addiction. Sobriety is a starting point for sober recovery, but we ultimately need to focus on our Spiritual Liberty as humane beings.
Carl Jung on Drugs, Medicine and Addiction:

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Venceremos Unidos! We Will Win United!
@Peta_de_Aztlan aka Peter S. López
Sacramento, California, Nazi Amerika
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The map is not the territory ~ The menu is not the meal ~ The battle is not the war ~ Some days you get it, some days you lose it.

One thought on “▶ Recovery In the Drug War via @Peta_de_Aztlan:

  1. Peta, you know my story better than most, & I’m grateful that you listened to my sometimes crazy thoughts. But, for all I ha..e gone through in “reco..ering from life”, I always went back to my sense of humor. I started bout 31 years ago, & I’m not quite sure if I saw more insanity before or afterI quit drinking & drugging. As you know, I was abused physically & emotionally when I was growing up. I had so much rage in me at times that i actually saw stars! I drank & drugged from the age of 12 until I was 32 njust to deal with the “screaming ghosts in my brain”. I kept my stuff hidden when I was younger, but when I got to college; played music – drums, & got E..ERYTHING for free; I thought I was ha..ing a great life. But some 20 years later, I almost died twice! I went to a rehab, on my own, after I figured that 3 strikes & I’d be out. It was emphasized strongly, by some old-timers who looked out after me that I ALWAYS pursue my spiritual side – & I did just that. I kept doing a few things: I went to 12-step & discussion groups almost exclusi..ely; I did my steps…out of order of course, & I helped others whene..er I could. . Yeah, I worked some really good jobs, but I realized more & more that money & “stuff” meant less & less to me. My focus was ALWAYS on finding out the truth about things; & that led me to deeper & deeper truths concerning how humanity was being constantly being screwed up by the ongoing parade of psychotic, neurotic, paranoid elites.
    In the process, I earned a Masters degree & 2 Doctorates, & researched & wrote about people being mistreated in this world. I ended up writing 9 booklets, on different topics, as well as my autobiography. My oldest son asked me a question about 3 years ago; he asked: “Dad, when are you going to stop learning things?”. I told him: ” Not until the last time I close my eyes for good”. He just looked at me & said: “Really”, & I said: “Without a doubt”. And I ha.,.e learned so much that one night my ex-wife tried tompr..e it by telling our daughter: “Dad knows so much that he’s scary”. So she & my daughter pulled out a book with blank world maps in the back – I guess it was a school book – & they started asking e to name the countries the smaller countries she pointed at. I might ha..e missed one out of 50 or 60. My daughter looked at her mom & said: “You’re right, dad IS scary!”. So, I’m telling you to ALWAYS learn at least one new thing each day about yourself in relation to the world & the uni..erse.
    My point is that a lot of people talk about wanting to get enlightened; increasing their awareness & expanding their consciousness; becoming more spiritual, & things like that. But, i know that if we don’t experience life with an open mind & heart in balance, we’re cutting oursel..es off from finding out the deeper truths many of us try to seek out – we are limiting our panorama of all of the things “out there” of which we are a reflection of; we will not realize the scope & depth of our own potential in the uni..erse! Once my eyes could see, open or shut, I kept up with my curiosity about literally e..erything, & I became a more balanced & satisfied person.
    My life has been sets of ups & downs, & all arounds. What I learned from trying to keep relati..ely balanced physically, mentally, emotionally, & spirituallyi, is that life is a trip & I ha..e enjoyed the ride without incessantly focusing on the end result. Therefore, it’s been a hell of a lot more enjoyable!
    In the end, we ARE all connected…I felt that way when I was a kid. Now, I’m back in that mindset of wonder, looking at life through the lens of experience, & I’m lo..ing it!
    Namaste & Peace to all!!!


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