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We are here now upon Mother Earth. Each of us are in our own existential reality as an individual spiritual being . I generally let go and go with the flow. I AM not a mindless Zombie or one of the docile sheep. I do not follow the lost herd. I AM a unique individual among 7.3+ Billion people upon Mother Earth, just as you are.

We belong to the Earth, the Earth does not belong to us. As the dominant species and the primary caretakers of Earth it is our sacred responsibility to preserve and protect the Earth and all of its living inhabitants for ourselves and for future generations.
In terms of politics I consider myself a Radical as I dig into the bottom roots of realities as a seer. I love people in general without the prejudice of racism or the exclusion of nationalism. I was born in the U.S.A. I do not identify myself as an American, though I am a U.S. citizen ~ and more wider I am a Cosmic Citizen.

I do not even care if anyone Follows me in any way or not. I have no insecure need for the approval of anyone. I am an Earthling upon Mother Earth. Some of my ideas and interests may seem ‘far out’ to some. It’s all relative. My primary motivation is Pure Love. It is not science. Even #science leaves much to be desired. We need to question self-proclaimed experts who cut off discussion with a scythe in the name of science like academic pimps.
Origin of SCIENCE
Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Latin scientia, from scient-, sciens having knowledge, from present participle of scire to know; perhaps akin to Sanskrit chyati he cuts off, Latin scindere to split — more at shed
First Known Use: 14th century
As I evolve I AM trying to lose my capacity for hate, other than hating evil. I still find it hard to love my enemies. If I was perfect I would not be here now. I would probably be outside in a community garden planting flowers. I do not try to be perfect. I try to progress on a daily basis by knowing myself better and becoming more and more humane with common sense wisdom.

In the realm of consciousness the great paradigm shift we need is from being animals into being humane. By nature we humane beings are still animals. We remain a predatory species with a propensity towards mutual destruction. I love animals and living beinga, I am just wary of the predatory nature of two-legged males. I favor women over men. Women are the fairer sex and tend to be more #humane and nurturing than men. After all, women have the babies. We fell when humanity fell from an egalitarian matriarchy society into the perversion of patriarchy in class society with all its character defects.  I look at us all as one family of humanity, despite colors or cultures ~ we are one endangered species of life.

I was born and bred in #Sacramento, California ~ a highly racially integrated city and state capitol. I was not raised by my parents with the poison and mental-spiritual illness of social racism. Thinking back. I did not hear the ‘n-word’ in our home and had childhood friends of different ‘racial’ backgrounds. We are one scattered out race known as homo-sapiens. If we do not get our shit together as one people in this country we will be flushed down the toilet.

We can help cure racism by systematic mass education via mass media and in-home education by primary caregivers. Racism needs to be a cultural taboo. Race itself is a cultural invention. There is no superior race. #Racism needs to be exposed and criticized whenever it raises its ugly head. We cannot screw it away.

We are born as humane creatures into a very inhumane world. To be and stay truly humane requires conscious awareness. It is not always automatic. Racism, nationalism and other forms of negativism in general can be embedded deep in our subconscious psyche. In fact, many times we are guided and influenced by our subconscious in our decisions . A primary goal of #psychoanalysis is to raise consciousness and help make the subconscious conscious so we can better understand ourselves, our emotions and our motivations.

In this #Internet era we need to consider the shrinking attention span of many who are online. #ADHD can be a learning disability. Take time to encourage others in your family to get a computer, become computer literate and get online. We all have room to learn.  The one-eyed #cyclops aka #TV is a big reason why so many people are retarded, apathetic and unaware of what’s going on! There is growing gap or digital divide between those who online learning stuff and those without regular Internet access.

For all practical purposes we are in our Last Days as a species, teeter tottering on the edge of #extinction. Despite our common survival needs we are hopelessly divided and scattered as Evil rules supreme on Earth.

Despite any political dogma our Jihad for Liberty is ultimately a spiritual struggle between the forces of good vs. evil. We must overcome our many divisions devised by fascist demons and merge our separations provoked by our own sins. We cannot choose our family. Despite our family feuds and superficial differences we remain one family of humanity on one world stuck on one planet.
#DNA survey finds all humans are 99.9% the same @Telegraph
Thus, we need to accept and fully understand that we are truly one humane family who have forgotten our humane nature in this dog-eat-dog sick and twisted global society. Therefore, we should start acting like family in our relations and relationships with each other. We should love and help one another and come together as lovers.

Proverbs 29:18 (KJV) ~ Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.
Note: Please, do not be afraid to leave a coherent comment. I often type up stuff for my own self-clarification. Create your own blog. Express yourself without fear.
Venceremos Unidos! We Will Win United!
@Peta_de_Aztlan aka Peter S. López
Sacramento, California, Nazi Amerika
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