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Ecclesiastes 3:1 (KJV)
To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
Ecclesiastes 3:1 – Spiritual Balance:
Ultimately we are Spiritual Beings in the sacred trinity of the mind, body and soul. In balance all three should work in unity and harmony. Any imbalance in any one part of the whole mind, body, and soul trinity can effect the whole humane entity.

Keep balance in life. If we look with open eyes, we can see that many of us suffer from one kind of imbalance or another, especially in the mind. Our inner souls know who we truly are behind our masks and public persona. So we must stay in tune with our soul ~ apart from the maddening crowd and away from the herd..

Clear the mind, breathe deep and feel the essence of your soul. Let not your mind be disturbed by minor irritations and winds of doctrine. We’re just passing through this lifetime. Do not cling to what is transitory.  Let go with the flow!

Whatever happens develop, enhance and educate the mind. The mind is the throne of thought. Love your precious mind. The mind is like a computer. It is our Central Processing Unit (CPU). Many of our minds are fragmented, scattered and function poorly. We have 5 ordinary sense-organs: the senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. #Intuition can be an extraordinary sixth sense.

Keep the body in balance with good nutrition, moderate exercise and helpful activities. Love your body. Keep the body limber, study body mechanics, be body aware as it moves through space and time. Protect it. Be aware of your immediate environment ~ check exits and entrances. Think like an urban guerrilla.

Common sense wisdom dictates that we should avoid all forms of addiction. Take care of your one body. Get into one form of martial arts or another. Do not get stuck on one style. Learn the power of diversity in attack. Develop a variety of defenses. In a great storm the mighty oak tree can snap and break, the blade of grass bends and waves with nature. Be one with nature.

Many of us are distant and disconnected from any form of Spirituality ~ our intuition can sense something is amiss. Spirituality is the study of spiritual practices and recognizes that we are primarily spiritual beings.

The inflated ego will desperately resist the primacy of the spirit. It lives in fear of losing its dominance over the personality. Yet the inflated ego retards spiritual growth and exists in clusters  of fears, doubts and anxieties. The ego has its place in the personality makeup. It fortifies our position and placement in the social matrix. Yet the ego owes its existence to a given social matrix from which it derives its personal power. Who is superior in a group when all are naked in a cave with the same existential survival needs? The inflated ego suffers because it is detached from the quintessence of the natural soul ~ the inflated ego shivers in insecurity.

It is critical for us to keep a stable Spiritual Balance in the trinity of the mind, body and soul. Any loving humane being can see we live in a world with great imbalances in nature that threaten to throw us down and out into extinction.

Genuine Spirituality is based upon pure love, love for life, love for people and is balanced with hatred for Evil deeds. Spirituality must have a conscience, a moral compass and distinguish right from wrong. It is not naive and neutral devoid of conscience.

Spirituality has compassion for those who suffer, for the wretched of the earth, for the poor and hungry who suffer under tyranny. Genuine spirituality is deep in the soul. It practices what is preaches. It is not shallow and insipid. It loves truth and abhors lies. Genuine Spirituality helps to grow, develop, deepen and mature the inner soul. It is not shallow New Age escapism. 

The Spirit yearns to be free from the visible and invisible chains of corporate capitalism that corrupt life. Our attention spans are being shortened into bites that make comprehension shallow, especially those online. Many of us are bombarded by corporate media & online websites. We have E-friends instead of touchable friends. We must integrate our lives with real people in real life without neglecting our spiritual growth as creatures of the Creator.

Some matters come down to personal preference. We need to get along without killing or hating each other. Live and let live.  Work on your own Personal Inventory on a daily basis and build good character. Let your neighbor take out his own  garbage. We must keep focus on our own spiritual development as unique individual beings. The humane spirit is sacred and eternal.
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Venceremos Unidos! We Will Win United!
@Peta_de_Aztlan aka Peter S. López
Sacramento, California, Nazi Amerika
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