▶ Minimize inevitable collateral damage. via @Peta_de_Aztlan:

▶ Minimize inevitable collateral damage. via :

Maybe the most we can do now is to minimize the inevitable collateral damage in these Last Times. Our hate can end us. Our own character defects can defeat us. Many of us seem content to be merely breathing in and out in a fragile existence. Maybe all we have left is a glimmer of hope and a crack-pipe of dreams. Most do not realize how bad things really are on Earth and some still pretend we are in the best of all possible worlds. Denial is a common demon in an addicted world stricken by many forms of addiction.

In the event of Civil War inside the U.S.A. there can be widespread mayhem and madness. Brother against brother, community against community, country against country. Any foreseeable Collateral Damage must be kept to a minimum, especially among innocent civilians. Any violent revolution ~ righteous or not ~ can plant the future seeds of counter-revolution. Violent Revolutions can generate deep bitter resentments that can last for long generations. Study the valuable experiences of the Cuban Revolution. We must have the courage to attempt a Peaceful Revolution.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” ~ John F. Kennedy ~ March 13, 1962

There are reasons why I often post this on Twitter ~
~ It goes in one eye then gets distracted by the other.
I try to put a positive spin on stuff, Follow 99 News Accounts on Twitter and the bad news just piles up. We need proper priorities. We have the potential for near instant global communication, but we hardly ever communicate about what matters in the world, among us or in our personal lives.

Some are hyped about @BernieSanders for @POTUS BUTT most who actually #VOTE are White middle-class Republican males. The Lost Left-wing does not even bother to #VOTE in Electoral Politics. We lose without even trying to fightback.

Get real. We must be realistic, neither optimistic or pessimistic. With our words, images and links we try to be of good influence in the world. Thank God I still have faith in the capacity of the humane being to change. I was once a homeless dope fiend shooting up dope begging for change on the street corner. I know people can change, evolve and learn to take command of their lives, their decisions and their own circumstances to a point. Life is often what we make it and how we take it ~ How nobly we live it within a given set of circumstances. Live with dignity.

People must experience basic accomplishments before they  can realize major successes are possible. Life itself is inherently a long-term struggle, a protracted war. For me, there is no other course of action than fighting  back against the dark forces of Global Fascism, even against all odds.

As humane beings we need to emphasize our common needs and basic desires. Seek allies despite superficial differences. Agree on the basics. These are times of great chaos and confusion. If we are to win true liberty from tyrants we must work in harmony as one family.

Beyond any New Age nonsense, the Great Paradigm Shift we need is for us to evolve from being a human animal into being a #Humane Being. We need to be humane in all our relations and even treat our perceived class enemies humanely. Old ways must be updated and refined. Old outdated ‘-isms’ such as socialism must be re-analyzed and re-examined. Old heroes must be criticized without clinging.

We have not struggled so hard and long just to replace one class of terrible tyrants with another set of control freaks bent on controlling the world.

In the main, we here in the U.S.A. have not known the ugly realities of War in combat zones on the ground. Times will change. Average Americans have not experienced the ugly realities of War as millions of others in foreign countries have. This will change. Most of us did not even know where #Iraq or #Afghanistan was before 911. We learn geography from Amerikan foreign occupations.

We will not take collateral damage by the U.S. military so lightly when some of our own family members are killed by it. Apathetic Amerikans will have to go through some rude awakenings before they wake up to see they are a critical part of the whole world. Our crowded malls will not always be immune to suicide bombers and other wandering psychopaths already living among us.

In warfare the forces of Liberty must be conscientious and strive to minimize inevitable collateral damage. The U.S, Military will favor victory in a battle on foreign soil over concern for collateral  murder. American civilians on U.S. soil will not always be safe and sound while its military wrecks havoc on foreign soil.
We must discourage sudden spontaneous riots and disorganized urban rebellions where innocents are harmed.

Amerika has acquired a lot of ‘bad karma’ over the centuries and its being ‘exceptional’ will not prevent #blowback. 911 was a shock to the country. It seemed like it came out of nowhere. Many still wonder if it was an Inside Job.

The more people we can get to support Peaceful Revolution now the less collateral damage there will be later. Look at the Global chain of current events. There is warfare in many hotspots on Earth. Many are frozen in fear. Fear can freeze people from taking creative action. If overcome fear can unleash the fight for freedom.
If We Must Die by Claude McKay: @PoetryFound
If we must die, let it not be like hogs
Hunted and penned in an inglorious spot,
While round us bark the mad and hungry dogs,
Making their mock at our accursèd lot.
If we must die, O let us nobly die,
So that our precious blood may not be shed
In vain; then even the monsters we defy
Shall be constrained to honor us though dead!
O kinsmen! we must meet the common foe!
Though far outnumbered let us show us brave,
And for their thousand blows deal one death-blow!
What though before us lies the open grave?
Like men we’ll face the murderous, cowardly pack,
Pressed to the wall, dying, but fighting back!
Chris Hedges: The Real Enemy Is Within: via ‏@Truthdig
Recall: ▶  Collateral Murder -@wikileaks #Iraq:
https://youtu.be/5rXPrfnU3G0    ~Uploaded Apr 3, 2010 via sunshinepress
Venceremos Unidos! We Will Win United!
@Peta_de_Aztlan aka +Peter S. López
Sacramento, California, Nazi Amerika
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