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The great paradigm shift we need in the realm of consciousness is from being a predatory human animal into being a loving humane being with a higher level of cosmic consciousness. Consciousness is the key!

Politics is the business of power. Our participation in Electoral Politics is a tactic, among many others, for raising mass consciousness.  Nowadays we can VOTE from home with an absentee ballot. There is no excuse for eligible voters  not voting. So far what we label as democracy or majority rule is the best form of self government in society. Voting should be a natural part of being a citizen in a given society.

We should VOTE for the most qualified #radical candidate  in any election. knowing that In the long-run we must break the back of the two-party system and its control over the U.S, Electoral System, no matter how long it takes.

As for me, I plan to VOTE for Dr. Jill Stein @DrJillStein for @POTUS who has not sold out to the corrupt two-party system.

We would be stupid to #VOTE for @HillaryClinton simply because she is a woman. Why be a fan of an arrogant fool? The @realDonaldTrump is a reactionary White racist who appeals to White supremacists and the lunatic fringe. Politics has become so corrupt by corporate lobbyists than many people have just given up on voting in despair. Thus, there need to be mass voter education and voter registration as a part of our mass mobilization work.

In the future, @KJ_MayorJohnson I plan to focus more on local #Sacramento politics than 2016 @POTUS Elections. I was born and raised here! The fruits of our participation in politics must manifest on the local level with boots or sandals on the ground.

There have been substantial progressive changes in Latin America via Electoral Politics that U.S. progressives can learn from. At the present level of mass apathy the next @POTUS will be decided by White middle-class Republican males. We cannot afford to be lazy!

Today the typical Amerikan Voter will NOT #VOTE for avowed Socialist for @POTUS @BernieSanders. Be practical, realistic and use common sense wisdom. We here in the U.S.A. are in Nazi Amerika as colonial subjects under a corporate controlled Fascist Empire. Keep in mind that most potential Voters are too lazy and/or stupid to #VOTE anyways. Mass #Education is a life long process that we should be involved in whether we are professional educators or not, especially in this era of the Internet and our global communication capacity.

Brother @BernieSanders can help raise mass consciousness and educate people about the merits of democratic socialism vs. corporate capitalism and encourage voting.

In the long-run we must break the back of the two-party system and its control over the U.S, Electoral System, no matter how long it takes. I would vomit if @BernieSanders lost the Democratic nomination and supported @HillaryClinton for @POTUS. We must build up 3rd Parties. The more political parties we have, including independent 3rd parties the better with more choices for the electorate.
People can relate to, support and understand Electoral Politics and Campaigns, not half-baked paranoid conspiracy schemes. Democracy in terms of majority rule is a myth now in the United States. Any genuine democracy must be one that we participate in on a personal level.  In a participatory democracy we must be Registered to VOTE and exercise our right to #VOTE. We must stay aware of current events and know what is going on in our own local communities and in the world we live in today.
We do not even have direct democracy in the United States. Study up on the Electoral College. In fact, no matter what your status in life is remain a student in life ~ keep learning, keep studying. We must educate to liberate the people, not disrespect them by labeling them sheep. We need to be motivated by #Love for the people.

We cannot win our Liberty as people if we are afraid of valid criticism and refuse to engage in honest self-criticism. We need to be humble and be open to valid criticism so we can improve our methods of work and thinking. Study basic #cognition.

We must be interested in what the people are interested in, their living realities, not just our personal pet projects. We should be polite, friendly and treat people with the respect they deserve. If you know everything you can learn nothing.

Revolution is a process of historical development, not a fixed final conclusion. Global Revolution can help save us from extinction.

There are reasons why the limp Left has never won the popular support of the people. We must relate to mass #consciousness. We need to extricate our minds out of the Left vs. Right Wing ideological struggle. Truth is in the Center, not on any Wing. Be awake and help enlighten others. Arm yourselves for the battles that are sure to come. Politics remains war without bloodshed. Educate to liberate! Power to the people! Evolve or perish!
https://youtu.be/D9BVEnEsn6Y ~Uploaded May 1, 2011 ~via ANTIHOSTILE:
▶ CATHERINE AUSTIN FITTS: AMERICA 2020 – THE UFO ECONOMY 2.0 DARK JOURNALIST: https://youtu.be/gKSY5ooqY8Y ~Pub Sep 16, 2015 ~via @darkjournalist

Venceremos Unidos! We Will Win United!
@Peta_de_Aztlan aka +Peter S. López
Sacramento, California, Nazi Amerika
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