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▶ It’s Up to the People! via :


Ultimately, whether there will be a Global Revolution or not for us to avoid extinction is an open question. It’s up to the People! The idea of near-term extinction for our species is certainly within the realm of logical possibilities.

We act as if we will live forever. We act as if we can just keep ignoring crucial critical global issues as if they will resolve themselves without our own personal participation.  We act as if others with more time and energy will magically save the world while we shit and piss in our own teepees ~ on Mother Earth. We act as if we can just keep ignoring major global and environmental challenges without negative consequences in our lives. We act as if someone else  is coming to save us in the nick of time because being exceptional and true believers we deserve to be saved. 

There are great gaps in cognition and consciousness between those online with ready Internet access and those who are illiterate without it. Those online often suffer from information overload, mindless distractions, cognition issues or varying degrees of #ADD or #ADHD.

Any thought of a revolutionary uprising by the apathetic masses of ‘exceptional’ Amerikan people is a fantasy of the lunatic fringe. IF there is any kind of real revolutionary movement inside the United States it is in a deep coma in need of a mass  awakening!!

Objective conditions to validate revolution exist now and have for decades. The missing link’ is in mass subjective consciousness! People have lost faith in themselves and their potential capacity to create a People’s Revolution. What is potential is not manifest. We should remember that the masses are the motive force in the making of world history, not vanguard elements or parties alone.

We are not starting from scratch. There is a wealth of wisdom in the Masterworks of previous revolutionaries. Seek and ye shall find. Once the general strategy is understood by the intelligent commander the applicable tactics are a product of imagination alone.

Mass education of the masses is essential for us to feed, raise and expand mass consciousness. Every home should have a computer with Internet Access. Mass propaganda can have positive or negative uses. Leadership can help provide guidance and direction, but ultimately it is up to the people to wake up, seize the time and fight for liberty.

We display our own ignorance and arrogance when we refer to the people as mere sheep. We must be truly humble. Self-criticism is essential. Without the active conscious mass support of the people activists alone aren’t shit. We wrestle with the light and the shadow within us. American people have been subjected to intensive and extensive mass fascist psychology and fascist propaganda for long decades.

Indeed, the people are the true heroes while leadership is often childish, foolish and egocentric. The lives of the people are the truth. None of us should be co-dependents out of phony liberal sympathy. The people must know that their Liberty depends on them. Namaste!
Lenin: What Is To Be Done? via @marxistcom
Venceremos Unidos! We Will Win United!
@Peta_de_Aztlan aka +Peter S. López
Sacramento, California, Nazi Amerika
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