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As a major focus in our lives we need to get involved in the mass education of the masses about the relevancy of Global #Revolution.  The people must be educated about the practical necessity and logical possibility of Global Revolution in our lifetime. We can strive for meaningful reforms now, but we must see the relevancy of global revolution as the ultimate solution.

No sane humane being wants to see the murder and mayhem of an all-out violent revolution, but this society is in need of fundamental radical change. Many folks get wrapped up in surface politics and get hyped up on passing storms, yet fail to see the global Big Picture!!

With all our potential for global mass communications we should be a lot more unified and educated then we are at present. Education is still key for personal development, spiritual growth  and professional advancement.

The primary purpose of education is the liberation of the mass collective mind from fascist mass mind control ~ to free the repressed mind. We often repress our own minds to go along with the streams of thoughts emanating from others. We censor ourselves, police ourselves and obey fascist authority. Minds are programmed by official doctrine, corporate media, peer pressure, pundits and co-opted experts under pressure.

Mass education is our great historical task especially when we strive to better educate the ‘exceptional’ Amerikan people. For decades the Amerikan people have undergone decades of mass fascist propaganda that has crippled their cognition of connected reality. More than any people in history, the Amerikan people suffer from a wide variety of mental-spiritual disorders. #PTSD  #OCD  #ADHD  #ADD  #BPD etc. Reflecting the wacky world inside the USA, some Amerikans suffer from severe forms of paranoid schizophrenia and cognitive dissonance.

Many online activists are so stressed out they forget that #feedback is the lifeblood of social media ~ Reply, Comment, Retweet, Echo.

To engage in mass education for liberation we must utilize all forms of mass communication, including positive websites, blogs and videos. Above all, we must use the power of our creative imagination. 

Before we label, condemn and ridicule people we should try to understand with an open mind and heart why they hold certain opinions. Some people have a sincere desire for and actual fear of the truth. The truth can help set us free, yet it can also make us change. Learning the truth about certain matters can have profound effects on our behavior patterns, long-held belief systems and worldviews.

What lover want to know that his or her cherished lover has been unfaithful, has betrayed trust and was enjoying every moment of it? Sometimes the truth can burn down households, divide families and turn friends into enemies, yet we must go wherever the truth leads.
We should be lifelong students. I barely graduated from Sac High in ’69 with all the social turmoil and unrest of the late 60s going on. My 1st political involvement was with the UFW Grape Boycott. I also helped to organize Chicano school walkouts and other protests.  I kept aware and activated.

At 63-Earth years, I have seen movements come and go, generations fade out and I know life goes on within us and without us. I have touched the robes of a few saints and been blessed with revelations in the nick of time. Over the years I have cultivated the love of knowledge.

The educator need educating, the teacher needs teaching and in one way or another the healer needs healing. We need to educate with love and genuine humility. We are ignorant of what we do not know. If we know everything we can learn nothing.

Learn pedagogy ~ the art of teaching ~ be sensitive to the feelings of others, some feel and take offense by being taught. Amerikan fascism and corporate media indoctrinate people with what to think. Our job as educators is to teach people how to think! We have an endless capacity to learn. Indeed, knowledge is the food of the soul. Keep an open mind and be good at learning. Ultimately it does not matter if anyone responds or gives you feedback. Our duty is to open our hearts and share because we care!

The #Internet is a kind of equalizer. We need to express ourselves, share opinions and strive to reach a common consensus. We will not always agree on stuff, but we should engage in open discussion, meaningful dialogue and dynamic debate online and offline. Every home should have a good computer with Free Internet Access. Computer Literacy and Literacy in general must be promoted. To engage in mass education for liberation we must utilize all forms of mass communication, including positive websites, blogs and videos.
To educate is to give intellectual, moral, and social instruction to (someone, especially a child), typically at a school or university. 

A functional definition of ‘common sense’ is what we perceive via our five ordinary sense organs: see, hear, smell, taste and touch. Intuition can be a kind of sixth sense and should not be discounted.

#Cognition is the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses.

The three main stages of cognition are:
~ perception
~ conception
~ conscious action

Many of us online have poor cognition. Many people who are online can suffer from #ADD or even #ADHD without conscious mindfulness of their ailment. People who are online a lot on a daily basis are going to think, process information and behave different from those who are not online.

Mass education must involve educating people about liberation and the roots and causes of their poverty, hunger and oppression. We must come to know who we are, where we are  and asses our assets and liabilities. How can we make creative change in the world? What can we contribute to making it a better world for ourselves and our loved ones? We must change ourselves to help change the world.
We must educate with loving compassion and not assume than others do not understand what we do not. Learn from the genius of the people!
Word Root of EDUCATE: The Latin word ducere, meaning “to lead,” and its form ductus give us the roots duc and duct. Words from the Latin ducere have something to do with leading. A duct is a tube that leads from one place or organ to another. To educate, or teach, is to lead to knowledge. To induce is to lead into a particular state.

educate (v.) Look up educate at Dictionary.com
mid-15c., “bring up (children), to train,” from Latin educatus, past participle of educare “bring up, rear, educate” (source also of Italian educare, Spanish educar, French éduquer), which is a frequentative of or otherwise related to educere “bring out, lead forth,” from ex- “out” (see ex-) + ducere “to lead” (see duke (n.)). Meaning “provide schooling” is first attested 1580s. Related: Educated; educating.

According to “Century Dictionary,” educere, of a child, is “usually with reference to bodily nurture or support, while educare refers more frequently to the mind,” and, “There is no authority for the common statement that the primary sense of education is to ‘draw out or unfold the powers of the mind.'”
#SAVE Paulo Freire ~ Pedagogy of the Oppressed.pdf:
Book: Pedagogy of the Oppressed, 30th Anniversary Edition: Paulo Freire:  : 
FYI: Pedagogy of the Oppressed:
▶ Gabor Mate: Emotional Basis of Cognition:
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https://youtu.be/e_EgdShO1K8   ~Uploaded Feb 17, 2012
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