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Creating change can be a complex process ~ though we can strive to simplify the complex, not complicate the simple. To help us create change we establish political parties, build up movements, nurture relationships and work on our personal evolution. Creative change begins within our personal being, yet humanity as a whole must change or perish from the face of the Earth. Many elements in the environment and closed individuals are resistant to creative change in the world and within themselves. Yet creative change in connected reality is constant and takes place independent of your personal participation. Babies are born every day.

Fascist control freaks try to control and harness change in accordance with their fanatical plans for global domination. Absolute authoritarianism is impossible and complete control by fascist tyranny over mass consciousness is doomed to failure. Fascist tyranny by ruthless regimes is possible because the masses of people allow them to stay ‘in power and secure’. In relation to Global Revolution we can offer general guidelines about how to proceed and progress, but ultimately it is up to the people.

In creating change we need a functional definition of power ~ keep in mind that power is being able to define and change connected reality. We need to have a clear coherent comprehension of a given connected reality before we attempt to change it with a Plan of Action. A Basic Plan of Action involves answering the following questions:

~ Who?
~ What?
~ When?
~ Where?
~ Why?

Keeping stretched out and flexible.

A Basic Plan of Action format and structure can be utilized from taking the kids to the local store to Global Revolution. There are identifiable reasons why the broken crippled Left-Wing Movement is lost and the forces of reaction are so powerful. Present-day society is undergoing a protracted prolonged process of polarization and many sectors are in disintegration. No matter how much we ignore it or are distracted,  connected reality ‘as it is’ is not going away. We must comprehend it and change it!

Perspective is having a long-term vision. The struggle for Liberty is protracted warfare. We need totally committed comrades. Without general strategy, tactics, organization, communication, individual initiative and basic courage we are going nowhere. As Cesar Chavez knew, it could take 10-20 years to bring about fundamental change. Global Revolution is not a quickie affair. Politics is the business of power with positive and negative aspects. Resolving contradictions, raising consciousness and fighting back!
The ideal modus-operandi is to integrate political work with our day-to-day activities to better live a balanced life and avoid burn out. Creating change can be a lifelong process. Be prepared for change and embrace it Changes are coming whether you participate or not. Namaste!
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