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Just Passing Through… via :

It is good for us to remember the dreams we had when we were young and innocent ~ before dreams became nightmares. When we are young and fresh in the world old age seems a long distance away ~ yet time catches up with us no matter where we wander. It has been said that youth is often wasted on the young ~ we can be in such a hurry to be an authoritative adult in the grown up world. It is not automatic that wisdom comes with old age ~ sometimes beliefs become so settled ~ our minds become rigid and stale. When we are young and cocky we can feel we have all the answers ~ yet when we get older we can forget the questions. #Age is relative.

Take time to recognize people on you way up ~ wherever up is ~ they can be the same ones you meet on your way down. Make the time. Be kind to strangers. Do not cast instant judgment based upon outward appearances. Strangers can become lifelong loyal friends. Life has it twists and turns. Strangers become friends. Friends can become enemies. Enemies can become friends. Be your own best friend. Do not be quick to judge others with harshness. We ourselves may require forgiveness from others in our journey through life.

Life itself can be protracted spiritual warfare between the lights and the shadows within us and outside us. None stay pure. Be aware of longings that emanate from the heart. Know the difference in quality between lust and love. What sparkles is not always #love. The climax of love can last for several succulent seconds.True love can last a lifetime.

Alas, lovers can come and go. When you fall in love be true and faithful. Do not allow a moment of animal lust destroy precious love due to lack of self-control. Marriage is a legal binding contract ~ not a license for a private prostitute. Foreknowledge is better than hindsight. See!

Along the way, do not collect collections or stuff out of your own insecurity. Do not be possessed by material possessions. One man’s trash can be another man’s treasure. Be mindful of what you thoughtlessly throw away. To have less can be to have more. For a warrior to travel light is to be able to stand up with his belongings ~ his worldly possessions ~ and walk on with no fear of leaving anything behind.

Be good to others because it is the right thing to do. A true gift expects nothing in return ~ that is what makes it a true gift. Do not steal from others what does not belong to you ~ it is a mortal sin to steal from the poor, the rich must learn to #share. Have an internal moral compass. The conscience knows right from wrong. Let your conscience be your guide.

Be a humane being! We can be creative beings. We are beings, not doings. Do not do stuff just to look busy for the Boss. Boss means Master.

Be able to forgive and forget. To forgive is to forget. This does not mean you have to, but you are able to. Do not dwell on the past with nostalgia. Visit, but do not dwell there. Learn to forgive your misdeeds. You have to live with yourself.

Travel the path of life with heart. Do not travel a path if your heart is not into it. Only the path with heart is worthy. Remember we are just passing through. No one can stay here. Sooner or later you must give up the ghost. No one gets out of here alive! Namaste!
Venceremos Unidos! We Will Win United!
@Peta_de_Aztlan: aka +Peter S. López
Sacramento, California, Nazi Amerika
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