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We need to see the Big Picture in a historical-cultural context. Question the hidden motives as to why who supports who for President as a politician himself or herself. I do no want to obsess on the 2016 Election. I will #VOTE for Sister @DrJillStein and would never vote for @HillaryClinton. 

In a way, those of us who post stuff online about issues are gatekeepers who go by our interests, instincts and inclinations. I tend to let go, go with the flow and truly believe that sharing is caring. As human beings we need to care about each other. Actually I type to express myself. For me it is a form of therapy, a way to express myself and share with the world. Twitter is a kind of online energy vortex through which we can share thoughts, images, links and personal insights without fear.

Sharing is the key. A lot of the world’s problems exist because people simply do not share as they should with others. I no longer care about gaining or losing illusory #Followers. Online we are electrical connects at best via Internet Power. I mainly #Follow Global News sources on Twitter because I want a glimpse of what’s going on in the world I live in. I rarely get feedback. In general, I tend to be realistic ~ neither naively optimistic nor negatively pessimistic. I try to stay in #balance and centered.

I am I. You are you. Together we make a ‘we’ ~ yet we can each be sovereign individuals in life exercising our human rights. Complete objectivity in the world is a subjective illusion of the mortal mind. Even free will can be questionable in connected reality. Words themselves can have free independent spirits ~ often weighed by our subjective definitions with the potential to kill or heal. Where do our thoughts come from? Whence our belief systems? Mind is the throne of thought subject to being overthrown. Every moment can have a magical moment that will not return exactly the same in the time-space #continuum of eternity.

We exist in the solitary confinement of our subjective consciousness with invisible visitors who come and go like wandering #ghosts. In search of meaning we find ourselves as one soul in the midst of countless souls. We learn about and support meaningful righteous causes. Ultimately we are spiritual beings ~ entities of energy of divine origin finding our way home to Heaven on Earth or risk being stuck in hell.  We are seeds of consciousness planted here long, long ago once upon a time. We are here to bear good fruit, to grow in grace, to blossom!

Change begins within ~ be open to new ideas and ideals. If we know everything we can learn nothing. The know-it-all is a fool. Life goes on within you and without you. Who says we cannot be pro-life and pro-choice? Figure it out for yourself. Make up your own mind. Original society was a matriarch. Women are the better half of humanity. Men and paternalism have made a huge mess of life on Earth.

Help wake up the people! We are living under a mature scientific form of Global Fascism we must destroy from the face of the Earth. The ultimate aim of fascism is to destroy ALL revolutionary consciousness and maintain its mass mind control. An impossible task!
We are facing near-term #extinction as an endangered species. Wake up, focus, pay attention, help one another and seize the time! We need to know ourselves and see where we are in the Big Picture. Each of us can make a difference and help save Mother #Earth.  Namaste!
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