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▶ Shift From Left-Wing to the Center! via :

In 1791 the terms “left” and “right” were NOT used to refer to political ideology but only to the seating arrangement in the French legislature in relation to the King’s throne. We need to evolve beyond outdated political terminology, such as, Left-Wing vs. Right Wing. The truth of political matters is in the Center of connected reality. The old Left-Wing is broken. We need to make a paradigm shift from Left to Center in our collective mass consciousness and take command of #Center stage.

Is the Left-Wing good and the Right-Wing wrong? The aging fascist flunky @HillaryClinton says she is a progressive democrat. Political terms can be so so vague they lose their meaning. At least most Amerikans still support the ideal of democracy in terms of majority rule, though the system itself has broken down. Remember Al Gore @algore WON the popular vote for @POTUS in 2000 over Bush but abdicated and rolled over.
We need a Constitutional Amendment to get rid of the Electoral College and have DIRECT Presidential Elections by popular vote for @POTUS. I suspect our dear ‘exceptional’ Amerikans do not even know we DO NOT HAVE DIRECT Presidential Elections by majority popular vote in the United States.
Recall: November 10, 2000: @HillaryClinton Calls For End To Electoral College:  @CBS
I myself support Dr. Jill Stein @DrJillStein for President. She is with the Green Party and consistent with her principles. She does not proclaim to be #socialist but she is a humane progressive. The self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist @BernieSanders has degenerated into being a forked-tongue hypocrite, political opportunist, and liberal democrat ~ another false hope.
Chris Hedges: @BernieSanders Abandoned Palestinians And The Oppressed Of The World By Supporting #AIPAC :
https://youtu.be/0vJJnKEc-JY ~Pub Sept 26, 2015 ~via SANCHEZ MIND AND MUSIC:
Pharaoh Obama was first elected under unique historical settings after eight years with Führer Bush. At the time, Obama seemed like the best thing since Wheat bread. Unfortunately, he has turned out to be a slick smiling fascist puppet of the corporate masters who lives in a bubble.

If you’re an American you should know the Amerikan people and consider who actually votes for who on Election Day! The majority of eligible voters do not even consciously vote and mainly follow the Party line.  As U.S. citizens it is our civic duty to be registered to vote! We need to go out and vote on Election Day or use n absentee ballot, if we are eligible. All citizens who are eligible should vote, including those who are in prison.

I myself support Dr. Jill Stein @DrJillStein with the Green Party for President. She is consistent with her principles. It is your choice to vote your personal preference, but please VOTE!

We live in a class society ruled by the corporate capitalist ruling class, not the Mom-and-Pop corner store. The main alternative to capitalism presented is so-called scientific socialism which comes with a lot of baggage, such as, genocides! We do not want to overthrow one set of  tyrants to be replaced by yet another set of tyrants. Revolution in the revolution?
We do not want a dictatorship of the proletariat or any kind of dictatorship! Where is the proletariat? What ever happened to labor unions? Many of the unemployed can be considered among the lumpenproletariat and are a potential revolutionary force in the world.
Lumpenproletariat – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
In a way, the US lumpen are like landless peasants who mainly reside in Amerika’s inner cities right up next to seats of official power. The peasants in Amerika will not come in from the rural countryside and encircle the cities. We need to constantly survey the situation and terrain. Do concrete analyses of concrete conditions!

The outdated Marxist-Leninist philosophy must be re-analyzed. The ideal would be that the industrial proletariat would be the vanguard, over the ruling capialist class, establish a dictatorship of the proletariat, go into the transition stage of socialism, then, so the theory goes there would be a withering away of the state and a classless society of communism. In modern times there has never been any real communism, which means a ‘classless’ society. Most folks have a shallow superficial understanding of economics and get their ‘isms’ twisted, equating communism with fascism. Politics spring up out of a given set of economics.

Politics today does not resonate with the Amerikan people. There are reasons why most U.S. citizens do not even bother to #vote. Many do not feel their lone vote even makes a difference. Many are just disgusted by the graft and corruption of politics in general year after year.

The two-party system in the U.S.A. is a one-headed corporate controlled monster. We need to build a multi-party system to offer more than the usual choice of ‘the lessor of two evils’ for President. In the USA any 3rd Party will take a long time to become strong enough to break the back of the present corrupt 2-Party system.

If there is ever to be a genuine democracy we must use the tools and tactics available to us and get into the habit of voting as conscientious citizens. . It must be an activated participatory democracy to be relevant. We can learn a lot about the efficacy of electoral politics from the experiences of Latin America with their political parties and their history of dictatorships!

Politics is the business of power. A functional definition of #power is being able to correctly define connected reality as it is and then change it in a planned, projected and desired manner. Mass consciousness is our main battleground in the fight for freedom. It must be fed, raised and energized by practical action in the world by all concerned global citizens.

We need totally committed comrades in the fight for Liberty and Justice who will fight back against the powers of corporate fascism, not half-ass amateur activists. In a revolution one wins or one dies. Making revolution is not an extra-curricular activity. We prefer a Peaceful Revolution over a Violent Revolution. Lead, follow or get out-of-the-way! If we do not take ourselves seriously how can we expect the people to take us serious? To educate is ‘to lead forth’ not lag behind.

We must evolve beyond the Left-Wing vs. Right-Wing schism. Life can be complicated. Truth has no fixed wings. Be in the Center of connected reality.

Many of us are passive consumers of information. What we need to know can be swallowed up in streams or floods of information. We need to evolve our cognition capacity and expand consciousness far beyond thinking in terms of Left-Wing vs. Right-Wing as if left means good and right is always wrong without examining the general context and specifics involved.
#Study: Left–right politics – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
We must seek and be in harmony with the truth in politics and life in general. We need to make a paradigm shit in consciousness from thinking in terms of Left-Wing into being balanced in the Center in connected reality in relation to our political terminology and general analyses. We must define connected reality as it is correctly in order to change it!
Venceremos Unidos! We Will Win United!
@Peta_de_Aztlan aka +Peter S. López
Sacramento, California, Nazi Amerika
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