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▶ Honesty is Healthy: via :

We need to express ourselves from the heart without concern over imaginary followers, self-censorship or blocking subconscious truth. The #Twitter website is the main website through which I express myself from the heart out to the world. It is kind of therapy for me. 

I openly admit that I am a recovered dope fiend and drunk with long-term sobriety still working on my spiritual health. Honesty is key for one’s good health. If we are honest with ourselves we will admit we are as sick as our secrets. Trust and believe, deep, dark secrets can be heavy burdens that weigh us down and can even be elements that send us to an early grave.

In my personal spiritual evolution I strive to be Honest, Open and Willing to change and evolve ~ that is HOW my program works. I imagine there are some secrets we take to the grave, yet secrets have a way of crippling relationships if kept secret and some can be felt with the sixth sense of intuition. Secrets are powerful forces in the world. The disclosure of specific secrets can topple regimes, ruin relationships and expand consciousness.

Many people shudder at the potential of their deep dark secrets being revealed to the world. Some secrets are best kept #secret. Secrets can be ghosts that lightly tap on the doors of #consciousness and haunt our lives because of their potential to be revealed. Honesty is a good policy in our personal relationships. The #truth can help set us free and is our best weapon. Use it wisely with common sense wisdom.

The idea of psychoanalysis is to help raise the subconscious to a conscious level for analysis ~ no matter how dark or terrifying. We need to understand our own motives, know ourselves, and be honest in our personal  relationships, business transactions & communications. Some fools lie out of an ingrained habit, make promises they cannot keep and their whole existence becomes a lie. Speak truth or shut up!

The #truth can help set us free, but not the truth alone. We must take action in the real world to be wise, not just accumulate knowledge. To be honest does not mean to be rude, crude and lewd in the name of honest opinion. Honesty can be balanced with genuine #compassion. A word spoken cannot easily be retracted. We should use words to unify and increase harmony and understanding in the world. Honesty is a hallmark of a person of good character and integrity. Dishonesty brings the liar to grief. Be an honest #humane being. Namaste!
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