▶ Honesty Is the best policy: via @Peta_de_Aztlan:

▶ Honesty Is the best policy: via :

Those of us who are online a lot cannot pretend to be ordinary regular people ~ we are kind of in a different dimension from most, though we need to achieve a delicate balance between being online, being offline and being inline with our own spirit.

On #Twitter I have a bunch of #Followers, BUTT I think of them as #Connects unless we have talked via #Skype, phone or face-to-face.  For example, I have done many blogposts @ https://humanelibertyparty.wordpress.com/ with only one feedback comment from my friend who lives nearby.

Nonetheless, I know I have some beautiful committed #connects here on #Twitter who I hope I can meet eye-to-eye someday in the future. Naturally, each of us should be our own leader in our own way and lead our own lives with grace and dignity free of fascist mind-control.

After leading a 12-Steps based group called CASA at the local Salvation Army Emergency homeless shelter for 10+ years. I simply do not have the hangups or inhibitions many have about self-disclosure in relation to faults, defects and weaknesses. For example, I freely admit I am a formerly homeless, recovered dope fiend and drunk. I am still a work in progress. I know who I am, what I have been, where I have been  and what I want to do with the years left to me. I am 1st and foremost a humane being!

I know why many marriages fail and why many relationships are crippled beyond repair. It has to do with honesty and self-honesty. Many do not even know their own inner motives, what they want and who they really are behind the public persona they exhibit on the exterior.

Many people cannot stand to be alone with themselves, let alone know how to spend the rest of their lives with someone else. Many cannot even be faithful to themselves and their own principles, let alone be faithful to someone else in the world. Many people make the wrong decision for a lifelong mate when they first get married. It has been called having a broken picker. Potential marriage partners should freely and openly discuss their opinions and sexual experiences before they make the leap!

To be honest, as much as l love people in all their diversity, I prefer them in small doses and avoid large crowds in the herd. I have been in a few riots. In fact, when I was 17 years old I was arrested for inciting a riot and disturbing the peace at #Sacramento High school.

Fascist mind-control repression can be is worse than oppression. We are programmed to repress our own consciousness, our own #truth. Many people live out their lives believing in fascist  lies, myths and falsehoods. Keep an open analytical mind, think for yourself.

Nowadays we are ruled by lying psychopaths. Honesty is the best policy in all our relations. Dishonesty will bring us to grief. We must not allow the U.S. Regime to insult our intelligence by passively believing its systemic lies and disinformation. It is evil for us to lie to anyone, especially our loved ones. Even little white lies are bad and can turn into a bad habit. Speak out with the truth as you understand it.
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▶ Carl G. Jung:
“The world hangs on a thin thread and that is the psyche of man… “:
http://youtu.be/ppFlVouq-Mc  ~Pub Dec 11, 2012 via dreamlion

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