▶ Staying Awake Here Now: via @Peta_de_Aztlan:

▶ Staying Awake Here Now: via :

I am a typer on a keyboard as distinct from a writer with pen and paper. #IAmTyping

Many people assume they are awake when they are actually not fully awake in a state of enlightened consciousness with loving compassion. Being awake is more than a physical state of being. We cannot be fully awake if we do not know what’s going on in he world and do not care about the pain and suffering that millions upon Earth endure on a daily basis.

Being around apathetic people can get on my nerves. I can be angry and upset about an incident of injustice in the world and they could care less about it. Thus, I am kind of a brown recluse and am at peace with my own company, though I have a folding chair for the occasional visitor. I do not ‘the other’ or a better half to be a complete being unto myself. I keep to myself in the safety of my solitude. Outside in the streets in the sorry excuse for a society it is like being around selfish mindless zombies. Many people are asleep or pretend to be asleep to the misery and suffering going on in the world.

We need to act like one family yet we have become strangers to each other. We are living in a multi-dimensional connected reality and engaged in frequency battles between ‘spirits’ or discordant energy fields.

Stand out from the flock. Do not just go along to get along. Let the world know you are a sovereign being exercising your sovereign rights. Our rights are like muscles, we must use them in our lives or lose them altogether , including our natural right to freedom of expression or freedom of speech.  As humane beings we must be concerned whenever the natural rights of anyone in the world are violated.

The US Regime could be caught red-handed in a felony capital crime and the public does not even care. Who is the public in a ruthless dying Republic? No appeal to reason or sentiment of shame will stop the fascist psychopaths who rule over us. Money is the bond and motivation for many evils in the world.

Be cosmic, think global beyond the confines of one’s own country ~ beyond the contours of one’s own plate. Embrace all people ~ no matter their perceived race, nationality, country of origin or tribe. We who are awakened must help to awaken others or we should question whether we ourselves are truly awake. We must not take pride in our wakefulness when our brother or sister stumbles around in darkness. We must not be content in our presumed level of consciousness while many wander in circles of darkness.

Ultimately, if we consider ourselves compassionate beings,  we are responsible for ourselves on a personal level and for the well-being of others in the world. Global Revolution is key for a general solution to our collective problems. Wake up and stay awake!

Evolve as a humane being, be the best you can, be open to constructive criticism from others and have the courage to engage in creative self-criticism.
Venceremos Unidos! We Will Win United!
@Peta_de_Aztlan aka +Peter S. López
Sacramento, California, Nazi Amerika
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