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Truth is in the #Center of connected reality not limited by the Left-Wing vs. Right-Wing division. Truth has no fixed wings. #Study #cognition. If your comprehension of connected reality in the world has not radicalized you in support of Global Revolution you do not fathom the ramifications of reality. To know the truth is to be responsible for that knowledge ~ to transform knowledge through social practice or praxis. Integrate #truth into connected reality ~ integrate theory into practice.

A lot of the work that needs to be done is working on our personal issues ~ do a daily personal inventory: examine your skills and talents. Focus your attention and energy on personal priorities. Express yourself. Live in balance. Honor your truth. Get away from energy vampires ~ from those who distract you from knowing and seeking truth with their petty melodramas.

Make life meaningful. Do your own psychoanalysis ~ know your own #psyche ~ your own self ~ Seek you own counsel ~  pay attention to personal needs without being merely selfish. Practice mindfulness. Help others as you can to empower themselves, but do not be a co-dependent. Each who is able to do so must carry their own water. Use your own common sense wisdom via your five sense-organs + the divine ‘sixth sense’ of inner intuition. Stay awake and aware!

Remember! Two of the greatest advocates of non-violence ~ King and Gandhi ~ were killed by evil violent men. Be realistic. Be armed. Strength does not submit to weakness. One armed man can control and keep in check a thousand men made passive and obedient by fear and illusion.
@Twitter is not like @Facebook ~ Have #Connects #Follow no one individual ~ Be your own #Leader ~ Be your own Movement. Keep a flexible balance between your own individual empowerment as a #sovereign being and serving the mass intercommunal common good. Many folks think and behave like dope fiends ~ they are selfish self-centered and egocentric ~ this fosters individualism. Keep an active balance in affairs. #Follow your own instincts. Do not warp or distort yourself to curry favor with others. Be your own guru or #leader.

Heed the quiet voice emanating from your own subconscious in tune with your inner #spirit. Stray away from the lost herd. Be here now. Many live in constant anxiety and stress about two non-existent places in time: the gone past and the distant future. What will be will be. There is no fixed fate. We exist in #cosmic connected reality ~ there is no ‘out there’ out there.

Realities, dimensions and frequencies are interconnected. To be here now is to be alive, awake, aware and fully conscious of your being in connected reality as it is without illusions, delusions or hallucinations.

Evaluating others through the narrow dialectic of Left-Wing vs. Right Wing is shallow, stupid and an indicator of the reactive mind. Amerikan Fascism is self-aware, fully conscious, scientific and hip to mass psychology.  It fosters political and racial divisions with divide-and-rule tactics.

Remember: #Power is the dual capacity to correctly define reality, then change it in a desired manner. Words matter. Our words must help to unify the people around common needs, create harmony. increase understanding and raise mass #consciousness.

We must learn to appreciate the power of the word. Words can help heal and words can kill. Words can help us unite and words can divide. We should have basic definitions of common words we use in our communications, words help us define and explain connected reality and can stimulate direct actions. Words have their own spirits in the world ~ they can dwell and echo in the mass psyche for eons. Use words with love, wisdom and an understanding of their meanings.

Do not ASSUME that what is labeled ‘Left’ is right and what is ‘right’ is wrong. Investigate issues for yourself. Observe. Know your environment.

No matter how dark the night ~ Keep the light of love burning in your soul. Life is ultimately a Spiritual Struggle.

Venceremos Unidos!
+Peter S. López  aka @Peta_de_Aztlan:
Sacramento, California, Nazi Amerika

 Dialectic – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
10 truths of having a strong sense of self. via Malavika Suresh:

Red Book Dialogue: Carl Jung himself thought he was psychotic:

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