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Let us pray we are in tune with our spirits as cosmic beings who seek inner peace and serenity in a wicked world wrapped up in endless war. I share what little I can without fear online. Knowing that each of us are alone in the solitude of our version of sanity.  For me, sanity is being of sound mind, being able to take care of our basic survival needs and being able to cope in our environment.

In a way, I am an alien and alienated from others around me. Many of us have forgotten who and what we are. We are separated from source.  As creatures of the Creator we are here to create, to cultivate consciousness, to sincerely love and help one another free of #fear. We are not here to argue in circles, to bicker over bullshit, to fight one another over vague isms or to get the last word.

I am here to share with others my experience, my insights, my opinions, my hopes and dreams in a wicked world rushing towards its doom. I am convinced that our worst enemies are our own basic character defects that cripple our relationships in the world.

No matter what we do or say someone will still talk shit. If we slay a dragon today we are expected to kill two tomorrow. We are in an insane world ruled by evil fascist psychopaths who have made a science out of mass mind and population control.

The Internet helps with our capacity for global communication, but in many ways it is a new Tower of Babel. Do we really read each other?

Matthew 7:6 (AKJV)
Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine…

So now we get to bicker and bitch about who will be the next President for a year, when the whole shitty sick system needs to be flushed. We need to reach a mass consensus about what kind of global government we need that is good for the majority of humankind. The U.S.A. is not the center of the cosmos. Its people cannot even take care of its own children and are ‘exceptional’ in their stupidity! 

My heart loves all people of all lands. No people are superior to another. We must come together in unity or we will simply become #extinct. Humans are a dangerous predatory primitive species. We cannot even feed our own. We allow the raping of Mother Earth. We belong to Earth. The Earth does not belong to us and never has. As a species we have failed as caretakers and Earth is conscious of it. The Earth would be better off without us killing, shitting and pissing upon it. Earth can repair itself to a point as a conscious being.

We need to question whether we as a species are ‘exceptional’ let alone the Amerikan people. Our natural resources are dwindling away. If your attention span can expand beyond 140 characters you can see we Earthlings are in serious trouble challenged by extinction.

Do not despair, humans are a hearty lot if somewhat schizophrenic. Christmas is the next month so we have a fresh stress source. Over these long years I have developed a degree of detachment about the dung heap we call society ~ we are in a collapsing civilization. Civilization ~ like our minds ~ was always overrated. We have as much claim to it as a pack of rabid baboons. Save the children!

The best we can do is take care of ourselves, help one another without being co-dependent and focus on our spiritual growth. Work in your local community. Combat evil wherever it arises. Be prepared for whatever may come. Global Revolution remains the ultimate solution! 
Venceremos Unidos!
+Peter S. López  aka @Peta_de_Aztlan:
Sacramento, California, Nazi Amerika
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