▶ On #Radical Politics and Political Parties: via @Peta_de_Aztlan:

▶ On  Politics and Political Parties: via :
Update: December 2, 2015
To be #radical in this wicked world we must dig into the roots of matters, not be stuck on superficial surfaces. Politics remains war without bloodshed and the business of social power. We are either turned on by politics or it will turn on us because we lack political power in the world.

Whether you personally participate in politics or not. U.S. electoral politics has global, local and personal reverberations and repercussions in the world.  Many folks are turned off by politics but chances are they were not turned on in the 1st place. Most Amerikans do not even bother to get off their ass and #VOTE.

We must break the stranglehold of the two-party system over Electoral Politics in the U.S.A., not compromise with it like @BernieSanders. Many women would love to see a female President and will stupidly support the Fascist @HillaryClinton who may be the next @POTUS. #Internet Power can accelerate events, but it will take a lot for Third Parties to impact on U.S. Electoral Politics. Democrats who vote for the lessor or two evils compromise with evil. We must vote our conscience and oppose evil at any level. It is incumbent on citizens to #VOTE. Amerikans are exceptional in their stupidity. Most do not even bother to VOTE yet still bitch. 

I plan to VOTE for @DrJillStein with the @GreenPartyUS for @POTUS not any fascist disguised as a Progressive Democrat.

The general situation in the U.S.A. can leave one in despair and depression. In our communal resistance to tyranny it is key to keep our spirits up. We must never forget that our struggles for Liberty and Justice are ultimately global and spiritual in nature, not nationalistic. We must fightback using our own natural resources, especially our active imagination. Empire is not invincible and we are not alone. A radical approach to our general situation is essential for us to understand the roots and causes of our collective misery in poverty.

Some folks are merely too lazy and apathetic to #VOTE and make up excuses but they keep bitching, whining  and complaining.To choose between the lessor of two or three evils is still to choose evil. Politics is part of life. Determine your own moral code. If we are all going to hell we should not go down without a fight! We must fightback against the Evil Ones and never give up! We need to learn how to become an effective radical revolutionary resistance against heartless capitalist corporations. Fightback!
We must gain the popular support of the people for relevant revolutionary change in our lifetime. We must exhaust all peaceful methods of resistance to fascist tyranny and be open to change. The general situation will not change unless we come together as a mass and change it!

#Radical politics includes mass participation in democratic activities and processes, including electoral politics and campaigns. Think creatively. Political Campaigns can be utilized as platforms to transmit our ideas and ideals out to the people. The mass education of the people is critical for constructive change and practical progress. As the Black Panthers use to say, “Educate to liberate”.

Realism is at the core of connected reality, We must comprehend reality as that which must be transformed. See the here and now.

Correct ideas come from:
~ Class struggle
~ Material production
~ Scientific experimentation
~ Intuitive improvisation 

#Radical politics should be based upon realism, not Left-wing adventurism. Who has a billion dollars to run for President? We can be more effective on the local city-county level than the federal level. The present two-party dominated system is actually one corporate controlled two-headed monster we should not support. To Vote for @HillaryClinton if she wins the Democratic nomination because she is a Democrat is insane, though, @BernieSanders would do so.

When we compromise basic fundamental principles we abandon those principles and can become hypocrites, unworthy of being taken seriously.

#Radical politics can be a central part of our lives, but should not takeover our whole life in oblivious obsession. Live life in balance. #Radical activists must themselves recognize and resolve their own personal issues in order to evolve and be more effective in their work and make a difference in the real rip-and-tear world.

No one who has been raised up in a sick society comes out pure without blemish, warts,  scars and skeletons in the closet. We heal ourselves in the same process through which we strive to transform a sick society and bring a good healing into our lives.

Humane activists should be engaged in progressive activism in one way or another on a daily basis, not just around Elections. For our own general health we need to live balanced, centered lives motivated by loving compassion and responding to our higher calling. 

Right now we should be engaged in:
~ Voter Registration
~ Raising consciousness
~ Mass education
~ Building coalitions

We will never have a genuine democracy in Amerika if we do not participate in democratic practices as citizens, such as voting. We need to be conscientious citizens who accept our sacred responsibility to get involved in life for ourselves and future generations.

IF Amerika is truly exceptional as Warlord Obama claims it has an exceptional obligation to help those who suffer most in the world. Most corrupt politicians rag on about the middle-class when our hands and hearts must 1st help the most wretched of the Earth.
Exhausting peaceful methods of resistance is a key part of #Radical politics before we have no choice but to resort to sterner measures. Revolution is against the law! The people themselves must see when peaceful methods of resistance have been clearly exhausted. Once again, it is up to the people. If the people see the vanguard elements have consistently and sincerely tried to clearly exhaust peaceful methods, then sterner methods will be understood.

The role of vanguard leadership is to guide people through direct experiences that will raise their consciousness to higher levels of conscious action. Experience is the great teacher. The people must learn through their own direct experience the validity of Global Revolution.

The grand strategic aim of the people’s forces is the seizure of state power BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, then the people’s control of the land and the viable institutions thereon. The people must come into power. All forms of State power and institutions must be in the hands of the people through democratically elected representatives.

Amerikan Fascism is self-aware, fully conscious, scientific and mercilessly counter-revolutionary. Unlike many of us, they are deadly serious. Cowards will always make excuses for not telling the truth. Many of our minds have already been damaged. Our attention span shrinks.

#Radical politics understands the limited tactical role of Voting in Elections. Malcolm X was right, it is the Ballot or the Bullet. The general situation develops and progresses incrementally adding up and exponentially multiplying. It is relentless by nature . Nature, math and physics favor revolution.

Voting is the minimal expression of the people’s will via the ballot. We lose by default by not voting. #Register to #Vote.
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