►Radical Politics in 2016 @Peta_de_Aztlan:

► Radical Politics in 2016  @Peta_de_Aztlan:
► Radical Politics in 2016  @Peta_de_Aztlan:

Politics is the business of power. Power is being able to define connected reality as it is and change it in a desired manner. 

The collective repressed #psyche is afraid of its own potential power to transform connected reality and afraid of the responsibility of knowing and acting upon the truth. We must eventually seize state power, takeover the White House, not beg heartless tyrants for basic relevant reforms. 

Only a radical approach to politics can impact on our collective reality ~ one that does not compromise basic humane principles. It is up to the people to wake up, see what’s going on, educate themselves and seize the time to fight for their #liberation by any means mandatory!

Marches, protests and petitions alone will not bring back the dead. We must not be passive unarmed recipients of armed violence by the fascist-corporate police state. When we preach strictly non-violence when attacked by cold killers we give up our superiority in numbers and our many willing hands. Naturally, we must not engage in aimless spontaneous urban riots, BUTT we must be prepared to defend ourselves against fascist attacks on our own terrain in our own communities.

Better to die FIGHTING BACK for freedom than to die without #resistance because we are spineless cowards afraid of our own dark sinister shadows. Getting our lazy asses Registered to #VOTE and Voting is the bare minimum we can do as global citizens in the United States.

Voting and being involved in electoral politics is a part of the whole revolutionary process, along with exhausting peaceful methods of resistance. Basic local community work of mass voter education and registration drives must be done to elect anyone for public office.

Do not rationalize plain lazy apathy. Don’t fall for fancy eloquent speeches and false phony promises by @BarackObama who says the #GOP ties his hands as he kills innocent people daily with drone strikes. Do not allow Electoral Politics about the next Pig @POTUS distract you from educating your Self and helping to educate local people in your life.

Mass intercommunal  education is key for us to raise radical consciousness, but we ourselves must not compromise with the forces of evil and refrain from injecting our truth into the public discourse. No one has cornered the market on truth, but with a sincere honest heart we can seek the truth together as human beings unlimited by color, race or national origin.

We must continue to exhaust legal peaceful methods of resistance against repression, but be armed and prepared for whatever may come. We know it is merely a matter of time before another unarmed youth is killed by the fascist pigs without any #retaliation.

Any genuine democracy in the world requires conscious mass personal participation or democracy remains a demented delusion for dummies. Voting in electoral politics is a ‘part of the process’ of exhausting peaceful methods of struggle before we go to ‘the last resort’!

The 2016 Elections for @POTUS might be Entertaining to some BUTT I maintain we need to focus on our local immediate situations, not get caught up in the madness of these times and the politics of division based upon political paties. Both dominant political parties are one corporate-ruled two-headed monster. 

I will #VOTE for @DrJillStein 2016 of the @GreenPartyUS for @POTUS  I cannot support @BernieSanders or anyone who would support @HillaryClinton if she won the Democratic nomination. Uphold principles and stick to your guns!
Wake up! @BernieSanders is a liberal democrat. No independent candidate will support @HillaryClinton under any circumstances.

Our struggle is a Spiritual Struggle between the forces of good and evil forces. Mature. Never VOTE for the lessor of two evils!

We need to open our eyes wide and not get divided by colors, such as, #Red vs. #Blue. The people’s politics must be relevant to our daily struggles for survival. I do not blame anyone for being turned off by ineffective traditional politics.

A fresh Radical form of politics will help serve people’s basic needs and relate to their daily existential realities. Radical Politics will relate to people’s basic needs and common dreams, not distract them with passing parades. Feed the hungry, shelter the homeless and help meet the needs of the people. We must be practical, logical and realistic in our activities

We must comprehend politics beyond the confines of our man-made borders, combat xenophobia and embrace the family of humanity. The U.S.A. is a #schizophrenic society ~ its people deny critical aspects of connected reality and key portions of American history. The Left vs. Right paradigm is a key example of cognitive dissonance in the #psyche. Real life is more complex and intricate.

To be #radical is not necessarily to be extremist. To be radical is to dig deep into the roots and origins of global problems. Unity is key for ultimate victory. The Left-wing is broken. It has been splintered by reformist liberals and is without popular support.To be radical is natural, to care about those who suffer under injustice, to be outraged by cold-blooded killing in the streets by fascists. 

I AM a #radical without shame under a reactionary rogue fascist regime. Thus, I support radical politics!
►  Malcolm X – The Ballot or the Bullet – April 4, 1964: https://youtu.be/7oVW3HfzXkg ~Pub Dec 6, 2012 ~via @DonnieMossberg:
►  @GreenPartyUS Candidate Jill Stein: @DrJillStein: on Bernie, Hillary & a “Green New Deal” (Interview w/ @cenkuygur):
https://youtu.be/_MMahrBteE8 ~Pub Dec 21, 2015
►  Jill Stein: @DrJillStein: Socialist & Feminist Politics in America: https://youtu.be/f6TG4CNFmjE   ~Pub Dec 8, 2015
~via @RT_America
► Race Matters: @CornelWest:
https://youtu.be/cRZcfEToN-A ~Pub Jan 13, 2014 ~via UWTV:
via Gaia Starr
► Connect @Peta_de_Aztlan:

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