About the Humane Liberty Party:

June 24, 2015 ~ This is the porttal for the Humsne Liberty Party. It will help provide analyses via essays and a psycho-social-political orientation via our basic platform. Our fight for liberty will be based upon the empowered and enlightened individual in union with others.

At this late stage in human history we may already be doomed to early extinction due to our collective character defects as a species. We remain an endangered predatory species who have not evolved beyond the mutual slaughter of war for settling conflicts.

A mass Global Revolution led by vanguard elements is the ultimate solution to establish a basis for Peace on Earth. Even Global Revolution is a remote possibility considering our many divisions and character defects. We hate too much and love too little.

Despite technology, we remain a primitive species that has not evolved from being human animals up to being humane beings. Against all odds, we must come together and fightback against all evil forces that threaten us with early #extinction!

▶ Basic Platform of the Humane Liberty Party:


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