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▶ Awakening Humanity! via @Peta_de_Aztlan: | Humane Liberty Party Portal https://humanelibertyparty.wordpress.com/2015/08/26/%e2%96%b6-awakening-humanity-via-peta_de_aztlan/

Awakening humanity to the truth of what’s going on must be paramount for progressive educators and activists. Truth will free us. We need to have faith in ourselves, faith in the common sense wisdom of the people and not fall down in despair, depression and a failed state.

We must awaken all peoples with humane loving compassion. Many of us have been subjected to decades of  false Fascist Propaganda. We here in the U.S.A. must awaken the good American people as humane beings who are in a unique strategic location on the globe to transform it for the betterment of all humanity. Naturally we ourselves must stay awake and act as global citizens with global responsibilities.

We must learn the skills needed for being an educator who leads, who instructs and insures others to learn. We can learn the pedagogy of the oppressed. You do not have to have a college degree to help educate others, to help enlighten others and educate the ignorant lost in darkness. You need the light of love energy. We do not suddenly awaken after decades of being in a living Nightmare we are told is the Amerikan Dream ~ a fantasy myth and Big Lie.

Those of us who assume we are awake need to help awaken those we assume are asleep. Guard against any form of arrogance. True humility is a beautiful humane quality ~ when we see ourselves in proper proportion. Humility helps us advance forward. Humility gives us a kind of dignity in the world that ignorant arrogance never knows. Use creative criticism and self-criticism to progress. We are ignorant of what we do not truly know.

Some people pretend to be asleep ~ as if we are in the best of all possible worlds ~ as if all we need is a progressive President or a band-aid surface reform.
Do we need another 911 to wake up Amerikans to their global responsibility as global citizens to condemn U.S.foreign wars? Do we need another 911 to wake up Amerikans to the great global evils that are done in their name by the U.S. Rogue Regime? Do we need another #911 to wake up Amerikans to the strong suspicion by many researchers that the 1st 911 was an Inside Job? Do we need another 911 to wake up Amerikans to the fact that a political-military fascist coup d’é·tat was launched on 9/11/2001?

The mass of humanity is under mass hypnosis under mass fascist mind control convinced of their own powerlessness under tyranny. We each need to accept our responsibility as global citizens to engage in mass education via Internet Power and in our personal lives. We are blessed in these End Times with Internet Power ~ a key factor in our capacity to engage in mass education with no artificial borders between us. 

We need #balance in our lives whether we are online, offline living life or inline in meditation. Expand your presence online on different platforms:
~ @Twitter
~ Google+
~ Facebook

We need to be practical and realistic and use the tools available to us to educate ourselves, raise consciousness and awaken humanity. We need to help others get online, advocate computer literacy and global literacy in general. Take the time to define words you do not clearly know.

We need to awaken to the fact that we are actually one family of humane beings who share the same basic DNA. We are one people.

We need to awaken to the fact that none of us are fully free until all of us are. We need to grasp the power of mass unity for our collective Victory. We need to awaken to the fact that a true people’s democracy means government of the people, by the people and for the people. We need to awaken to the fact that we are inhabitants of one planet Earth in one world who are now an endangered species. We need to awaken to the fact that we are one race of humane beings. The concept of race was man’s invention used to divide us.  We need to awaken to the fact that we only have one planet Earth and there is no replacement. Earth’s resources are limited.  We need to awaken to the fact that we are not alone in the universe ~ the Milky Way galaxy is composed of billions of stars. We need to awaken to the facts that Jesus Christ has not come and despite any promise of God’s Salvation we are still enslaved.

We need to awaken our own spirits to our potential to create love, develop our talents and energize our deepest dreams. To awaken humanity seems like an impossible task. That is why it is called a struggle. We must awaken or we could die in our sleep. People can be awake in the physical realm, yet still be sound asleep in the mental and spiritual realms. #Mind #Body #Soul

Those of us who are awake should not allow anyone else determine who are our friends and who are our enemies. Unite with natural allies. Use words, images and actions to unite in solidarity as humane beings. Stay awake! Wake up your friends, your families, your sleeper cells!

We need to wake up to the fact that we are under a mature authoritarian Global Corporate Fascism here now!

Sept 24, 2014: The Unstoppable Awakening of Humanity: via Zen Gardner
Synchronicities: Strings of Meaningful ‘Coincidences’ :
via @Peta_de_Aztlan
Minimanual of the Urban Guerrilla: via by Carlos Marighella
https://www.marxists.org/archive/marighella-carlos/1969/06/minimanual-urban-guerrilla/   #Share
Venceremos Unidos! We Will Win United!
@Peta_de_Aztlan aka +Peter S. López
Sacramento, California, Nazi Amerika
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